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Maruti Baleno driver injured after Harley Davidson lands on his car

Its not everyday that a car driver is injured after colliding with a motorcycle. But then this is not your everyday accident story as well.

Usually, it is the motorcycle rider who is injured when he or she collides with a car. But, this is not the case when the car is Maruti Baleno and the motorcycle is Harley Davidson.

In a one of a kind accident, which took place at SV Road in Santacruz West, Mumbai has left the rider of Harley Davidson with minor bruises, while the driver of Maruti Baleno has suffered severe injuries.

India-Made Baleno in UK

30-year-old Ravi Pageria, who left his home at Juhu at 10 am on Friday morning, was on his way to work in South Mumbai astride a Harley Davidson. Apparently travelling at high speed, Ravi slammed brakes when he noticed a pedestrian trying to cross the road.

In his attempt to save the pedestrian, Pageria apparently lost control of his bike and was thrown off the vehicle. The Harley then skid ahead for around 25 meters after which it hit a divider and flew into the air. The bike then landed on a Maruti Baleno travelling on the opposite side of the road.

The impact was such that locals had to extricate the driver from the Baleno. The injured driver was soon rushed to Nanavati Hospital where he is currently being treated.

Harley Davidson 1200 Custom India launch (3)

The 51 yr old driver of the car suffered serious injuries while Pageria escaped with minor bruises. Police have registered a case against Pageria under Section 279 (rash driving) and 338 (causing grievous hurt by an act endangering life or personal safety of others) of IPC. Pageria was also tested for driving under the influence of alcohol though the tests came back negative.

Harley Davidson 2016 line-up

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  • Deep sympathy to the family, but to save those few bucks maruti doesnt do crash tests as ncap, and i haven’t seen roof rollover test being performed in any indian car ever, i m deeply concerned why vw jetta with one of the highest scores in crash test safety including roof rollover, with 6 airbags even in base variants is proven to be a dud for company, so does the etios with high rating in class just doesn’t move well, its high time our people take safety seriously and consider safety stars as priority rather than oh its maruti lets buy, so plz folks, because our safety is our responsibility as nobody is bound to keep us safe atleast in india

    what surprises the most is statement of my colleagues who didn’t buy airbags variants, not because it’s just expensive but if the air bags inflate they r gonna have to pay 25 k for reinstalling, and one was happy that in crash airbags didn’t open as he thinks had they been opened would have made him payed 1 lakh ( they didn’t open cause he wasn’t wearing seat belt at the time of collision), happy with bruises.

    Also Indian cars sold in Europe are fully safe, e g Russian suzuki swift gets 5 stars, while Indian gets zero, ncap said even airbags won’t do shit as chassis is made with brittle material and cabin collapses during test, still no statement from maruti on this, and car still sells like hot cakes, not even resale value came down,

    I’m stunned by responses form maruti n mahindra on recent tests where Scorpio also scored zero, were like- airbags manufacturers r sponsoring tests, cars didn’t had airbags, dudes so what?? even if they sponsor rather than saying this u should see ur thing and even if there had been airbags in Scorpio chassis bro, it’s just not strong,,,,,,
    Damn I’m furious.

    • @Mandy Newcity

      I agree with you that Indian cars don’t provide best safety features, but I think the impact would have been same if it was any other mid segment car.
      As Harley is a heavy bike landing on the windscreen directly would obviously injure the driver of any car

      • From the way roof is crushed it looks like rear tyre hit the windscreen and front landed on roof, now there is substantial amount of gap between windscreen and a driver wearing seat belt, its obvious that there had been injuries, but than there wouldnt have been that much damage to roof if it had only hit though windscreen so if the roof had been stronger there had been less damage to the driver, than again thats what i make out of the situation, there could be more to the reality

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