Maruti Baleno RS shows its strength after it turns upside down

Launched in India last month, the top of the line Maruti Baleno RS is 60 kgs heavier than the regular Baleno hatchback.

Priced from INR 8.69 lakh, ex-showroom New Delhi, this is the first reported crash of the new Maruti Baleno RS. The said accident took place in Kerala over the weekend. As per the reader who clicked these images, the driver lost control of the vehicle after a dog came in front of the car out of nowhere.

Though he applied brakes, there was very little he could do in order to save the dog from getting hit by his car. Soon the ABS kicked in and the driver maneuvered his Baleno out of the road, thus saving the dog.

But this maneuver resulted in the car hitting the divider and jumping off the ground. The car came to a stand still in upside down position. The driver escaped unhurt from the accident, in spite of the car turning upside down.

The damages done to the car include – the front bumper is completely damaged, so is the front and rear windscreen. Front wheel axle is also damaged. Rear tail lights and part of the rear bumper are also crumbled. But, if you look at the images, you can clearly see that the passenger cabin is structurally intact, and did its job of saving the occupants, very well.

Maruti is the largest car maker in India, with almost 50% market share. They have pledged to make their cars safer, and also inculcate better driving skills among their consumers.

Powered by a new 1.0 liter 3 cylinder BoosterJet engine, the new Maruti Baleno RS sold in India is heavier by 60 kgs, as compared to the regular Maruti Baleno hatchback on sale.