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New Maruti Baleno front crumples in a crash, airbags deploy

Earlier today, a Maruti Baleno and Toyota Innova Crysta collided on a public road. The incident occurred when Innova Crysta’s driver applied full brakes, to avoid collision with a two-wheeler, which had suddenly decided to take a turn, without indicating.

Though the Innova Crysta managed to avoid collision with the two-wheeler, what it could not avoid was getting rear-ended by a red coloured Maruti Baleno. We do not know why the Baleno did not manage to brake. There could be many reasons. Like, either the Innova Crysta has better stopping power, or probably the Baleno driver was not attentive, and so was not able to brake in time, etc.

Post the collision, photos of Baleno were taken where the impact occurred. Looking at the Maruti Baleno‘s front photo, it seems that the crash took place at a high speed. Baleno’s front is not only pushed inside, the metal bonnet has deformed as well. The passengers did survive the crash, without any injuries.

The accident resulted in Maruti Baleno deploying its front airbags, as it should. In addition to the airbags, the front of the car acted as the perfect crumple zone – to minimize the impact.

From the impact, it is clear that the front of the Baleno has acted as a crumple zone and taken in the crash impact perfectly, without passing on the impact to the cabin. The cabin has maintained its structure, and the fact that all the passengers are safe, confirms that the car’s safety features worked perfectly.

Maruti confirms that their cars are built to pass the latest of safety crash tests. They are built using high tensile steel, which adds strength and rigidity to the car’s structure. In addition to that, they are equipped with Airbags and ABS.

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