Maruti Baleno's front and Volkswagen Jetta's rear, after a collision

Maruti Baleno’s front and Volkswagen Jetta’s rear, after a collision


Reader Sreejith Naduvilpatt has shared an interesting set of photos today. Earlier today, a Maruti Baleno and Volkswagen Jetta collided on a street in Perumbavoor, Kerela.

The incident occurred when Jetta’s driver applied full brakes, to avoid collision with a two-wheeler, which had suddenly decided to take a turn, without indicating. Though the Jetta managed to avoid collision with the two-wheeler, what it could not avoid was getting rear-ended by a red coloured Maruti Baleno. We do not know why the Baleno did not manage to brake. There could be many reasons. Like, either the Jetta had better brakes, or probably the Baleno driver was not attentive, and so was not able to brake in time. And so on.

Maruti Baleno Crash with VW Jetta (1)

Post the collision, Sreejith took photos of both the cars, where the impact occurred. Looking at the Maruti Baleno‘s front photo, it seems that the crash was a dangerous one. Baleno’s front is not only pushed inside, the metal bonnet has deformed as well. The passengers did survive the crash, thanks to the airbags, which inflated as they should have.

Maruti Baleno Crash with VW Jetta (2)

Now taking a look at VW Jetta’s rear. Wait a minute. Is this the same Jetta? Are you sure Sreejith? Yes, he says. Surprisingly, there is hardly any indication (except for some mouldings on the lower bumper) on the Jetta that it has been rear-ended by a car whose both front airbags were inflated due to the collision.

Anyways, Maruti owners, don’t be alarmed. Your car is absolutely safe. Maruti has always maintained that their cars are safe and secure (remember, for Indian standards!), built quality of which is as good as the one’s which are exported.

So why the Baleno crumpled and Jetta didn’t even feel it? Probably VW used some rare metal to build this Jetta 😛

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