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Maruti Baleno’s front and Volkswagen Jetta’s rear, after a collision


What seems like hardly any collision for the Jetta, seems like a big accident for the Maruti Baleno.

Reader Sreejith Naduvilpatt has shared an interesting set of photos today. Earlier today, a Maruti Baleno and Volkswagen Jetta collided on a street in Perumbavoor, Kerela.

The incident occurred when Jetta’s driver applied full brakes, to avoid collision with a two-wheeler, which had suddenly decided to take a turn, without indicating. Though the Jetta managed to avoid collision with the two-wheeler, what it could not avoid was getting rear-ended by a red coloured Maruti Baleno. We do not know why the Baleno did not manage to brake. There could be many reasons. Like, either the Jetta had better brakes, or probably the Baleno driver was not attentive, and so was not able to brake in time. And so on.

Maruti Baleno Crash with VW Jetta (1)

Post the collision, Sreejith took photos of both the cars, where the impact occurred. Looking at the Maruti Baleno‘s front photo, it seems that the crash was a dangerous one. Baleno’s front is not only pushed inside, the metal bonnet has deformed as well. The passengers did survive the crash, thanks to the airbags, which inflated as they should have.

Maruti Baleno Crash with VW Jetta (2)

Now taking a look at VW Jetta’s rear. Wait a minute. Is this the same Jetta? Are you sure Sreejith? Yes, he says. Surprisingly, there is hardly any indication (except for some mouldings on the lower bumper) on the Jetta that it has been rear-ended by a car whose both front airbags were inflated due to the collision.

Anyways, Maruti owners, don’t be alarmed. Your car is absolutely safe. Maruti has always maintained that their cars are safe and secure (remember, for Indian standards!), built quality of which is as good as the one’s which are exported.

So why the Baleno crumpled and Jetta didn’t even feel it? Probably VW used some rare metal to build this Jetta 😛


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Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

A first drive in a manual rickety old van was enough to pave the road forward for Sagar Patel. When not driving or riding, his dexterity shifts gear to voice passion through words via reviews, and news, all the while, closely monitoring updates from the auto industry.

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  • I have told many people to stay off Maruti, they are nothing but tin cans. Just want to share that i was rear-ended in my fiat punto by a truck at about 20 kmh. I got down fearing the worst, but other than paint transfer and a couple scratches, there was no other damage! I thanked my lucky stars for option for Fiat in the face of so much hostility from the legion of blinded Maruti followers! 🙂

  • Suraj Singh Bhui

    Still the repair job on the Jetta would cost twice of that on the Baleno

    • SiD

      No, wrong assumption. VW service is surely more expensive than maruti but nothing comparable to VW service cost may be it was 4-5 years back

  • Harpreet Singh Nanda

    Same thing happened with me also. I was driving my skoda Laura. I put my brakes due to sudden stop. One brand new Honda amaze hit my car from behind. His speed might be around 20/30km/-hr. When I got off from my car to say ma/bhen things to him, I checked nothing happened to my car. Just got the colour of his bumper on my bumper and nothing else. But his bumper and his bonnet were all broken into two pieces same like above pic. So my conclusion is these German made cars like skoda, vw & audi are much more stronger(heavy)than others.

  • Abhishek Mukherjee

    People, it is actually great that Baleno crumpled, as that crumpling will save the passengers inside. Consider this: When two cars collide, energy is transferred from one body to another. If the car body absorbs this energy, then it crumples like in case of Baleno. But if it does not absorb the energy and does not crumple, the people inside might get killed in a major accident as all the shock and energy is transferred to them. This was the major flaw in Ambassador cars earlier. They were so sturdy, that they never crumpled. As a result, so many road accidents led to people inside getting killed.

    • Manbir Singh

      If the body crumples the engine and other parts will also be pushed inside the customer cabin.

      • SiD

        Thats not correct. front end if designed in a crumple zone feature would surely crumble including body. in case of heavy impact the engine is designed to go downwards than into passenger cabin

    • Anderson Rakesh Kumar

      Tis is not safety at all.. Crumpled lik tis seems to be more alarming on passengers safety. If body takes the shock it also needs to resist the shock not transferring by crushing to d passenger.

    • Avinash Vikas Khadye

      Crumple zone need to get crumpled in major accidents not minor.
      If this is the condition in minor accident then imagine high speed collision.

    • VJ Krish

      If it crashes with lorry your point is valid… crashing with Jetta and bonnet ,bumper goes crazy…but Jetta didn’t have major damage..this shows the speed is low too..

  • Nikhil R Patil

    Not in favour of any brand but:

    The front and rear of a car is designed differently . Front is designed to crumple in case of an accident and rear is generally made stronger than front to reduce rear ending damage .

  • Navin Nahata

    This is exactly what happens when uninformed and newbie journalists write about something they have no clue about. This looks more like a gossip column article thanks to the writing and, yes thats exactly how the front of a car should look like upon impact so that the impact is absorbed by the front and not tranferred to the passenger cabin.

    • Sutheer Thampi

      Correct. Maruti PR at work.

      Nothing is crumbled here. So the logic of crumble zone don’t sell. The deformation of bonnet and bumper is proof of thin sheet metal. Don’t expect more from an 800 kg car. In a major accident the crumble zones in the front might still save the occupants. But all minor accidents also can lead to total loss. Just imagine a rear end collision. May be like this kwid?

  • Kumar Mayank

    This is due to the force acting on the colliding body just absorbs the energy so none of them are harmed inside if it would just had liberated energy then the people inside could be in a bad state. Thanks to maruti for the interiors given.

    My family is driving maruti since 1990. And what I feel is that the engine of maruti is just awesome.

  • Umar Nazir CH

    Also happens to me when a santro crashed into rear of my accord and when I came out to slay his ass …his bumper was lying on the road and few scratches to my car

  • Rahul Suresh

    Physics has a play in this. This is a common phenomenon that in an accident like this the trailing car is bound to crumple more..

  • Jasdeep Singh

    Fuck…??? this is just amazing picture…??? nd still people say that VW is bakwaas bt maruti suzuki is very gud!!???

  • Vishal Tuniki

    Ridiculous comparison don’t u think..Jetta costs double or more than Baleno. Are you the expecting the built quality of the car to be the same despite the difference??

  • Sahil Pyshetty

    Even if it was a Polo in jettas place, I bet the situation would be similar..

  • Arjan Singh Pannu

    I have seen many such incidents, maruthi does not have safety checks

  • Rahul MP

    When driving, be careful… when driving a maruti, be extra careful… XD ?#?roadsafety? ?#?nooffense?

  • ?Krishna Maya

    Mileage Mileage Mileage Thats all.. 😉 😉

  • webkick

    A time when all the car makers are putting efforts to make their car heavier. Maruti cars are on a diet.they are making them lighter as much as they can.Just to improve fuel efficiency.I owe a swift but i can say if i give it a kick also it will have a effect as if i threw a stone at its body.Maruti cards are not safe they are just taking advantage of the trust of customers.

    • Nirjhar Bhattacharjee

      No car maker in this world is trying to make their cars heavier. A heavier vehicle will have higher momentum at any speed causing greater damage to the people inside, not to mention degrading the torque/power ratio and lastly mileage. Modern cars are built as light as possible with a center of gravity as closer to the ground as possible to increase stability along with high acceleration. A softer front byonette will ensure that maximum dampening on impact minimizing fatal injuries to the people inside. It’s simple Newtonian mechanics.

      • Athul Nair

        So lighter Datson Go+ is safer and heavier 2.3 ton Tesla is not safe with momentum calculation!
        For the point centre of gravity, most of the car engines remains at same height irrespective of the make. Check old Swift and new Swift. Old Swift and new Baleno or Polo or even Jetta.

  • devilfrmheaven

    Bullshitters funded by Maruti are bullshitting. Everybody know that Cars from Maruti are not safe at all. One major reason I chose to buy Hyundai I20 elite. Bullshitter, please keep bullshitting and please dont waste our time. This is the second bullshit with Maruti accident I have seen today.

  • Sandeep Menon

    Disappointing to see that a so called “auto blog” does not even understand the concept of crumple zones and is actively misleading its readers

  • Heartwin Amaladhas Pushpadass

    In US, I was driving my Toyota Camry. On seeing the yellow light at a signal, I stopped my car. The student of Lincoln university who was behind me assumed that I would be jumping the signal. Therefore, he could not stop his car and hit the back of my toyota at about 20 km speed. Believe me, my toyota had a small dent of only about 2 inches. His Ford car was also not damaged much. So, both the front and back of the cars are built to withstand impact. Do not believe any cock and bull story that the front end is designed to crumble.