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Maruti Bugatti Esteem Veyron from SF Cars


SF Carz have done something, almost unimaginable. Who would have ever thought of mentioning Maruti Suzuki and Bugatti in the same line. Well here is when these two car makers, are mentioned in the same article.

Maruti Bugatti Esteem Veyron 1The car in the images here is actually a Maruti Suzuki Esteem by heart and soul, but just looks like a Bugatti Veyron, thanks to Hyderabad based car modifiers, SF Carz. Underneath the modified Esteem here, the engine is a 1.3L mill and not the one that generates 1,000 bhp in the real Veyron!

The idea behind building Maruti Bugatti Esteem Veyron was very simple, says Shanawaz Khan, the creator and owner of this car, who is seen driving the car in the images here. In an interview with RushLane, the 40+ year old says, he was fascinated with cars and bikes since childhood. The idea to transform his own Maruti Suzuki Esteem into a Bugatti Veyron, struck him one fine day when he was scanning through a magazine which carried Bugatti Veyron images. After seeing the Veyron, Khan says to himself, that he should make something like this. So work began on transforming his own Maruti Suzuki Esteem.

After 18 months, he was ready with his avatar of Bugatti Veyron. Khan says, that the Maruti Bugatti Esteem Veyron here, was designed and built single handedly by him. Though he has access to help, the brain and engineer behind is him. Khan gathered images of Bugatti Veyron from the internet and took printouts of the same, which helped him design his car here. He did not reveal the costs involved in modifying the Esteem, as he plans to sell it, if he gets a good offer.

Speaking about modifying cars for customers, he says that he can modify any car, new or used. He can modify a car according to customer’s wishes, or he has his own ideas to offer.


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