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Maruti Car Sales Decline In Nov 2020 – 1.35 Lakh Cars Sold

Maruti Nov 2020 Sales
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After a few months of posting high sales, Maruti sales have now registered a decline for Nov 2020

Sales in recent weeks has seen dealerships chock-a-block with customers and new cars. With most pent-up demand being met in recent weeks, the festive season proved to be one that didn’t disappoint most manufacturers. November 2020 total sales reported by Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) is 1,35,775, down 2.4 percent from 1,39,133 units in November 2019.

A spot where MSIL is comfortable, and has been for years at an end. With dominance of almost 50 percent, it’s safe to say every 2nd car sold in India is from the house of Maruti, and no number of new launches from other manufacturers has yet been able to topple that trend. In October 2020, sales were at an all time high of 1,63,656 units. In comparison, MoM decline is reported.

Total PV domestic sales for MSIL

Of total sales, domestic sales is reported at 1,38,956 units, down 1.7 percent from 1,41,400 units. This includes 3,181 units of Super Carry LCV. Total passenger car sales fell by 2.4 percent at 1,35,775 units, down from 1,39,133 units. Sales to other OEM grew in triple digits at 130.2 percent up to 5,263 units from 2,286 units.

Recovery of the latter two components helped improve total domestic sales including other OEM to a gain of .4 percent. Exports grew 29.7 percent, up at 9,004 units from 6,944 units. This helped take overall sales to green. MoM sales decline isn’t altogether unexpected considering a multitude of purchases are planned to coincide with days during the season, and the period following it is usually one of lesser activity.

Maruti Car Sales Nov 2020
Maruti Car Sales Nov 2020

Maruti’s stronghold is its mini and compact segment, and the company has reported 5.1 percent decline, down to 98,969 units from 1,04,319 units. Mid Size Ciaz sales grew 29 percent to 1,870 units from 1,448 units. There was recovery for its vans and utility crossovers and the likes. Its Ertiga vehicle cluster saw sales stable at just under 24k units, and Omni and Eeco sales grew 10 percent at 11,183 units.

Q4 2020 Maruti Suzuki sales

As safety continues to be primary focus for the government of an ever populous nation, passenger vehicle sales uptick did bring some cheer. Owing to automobile sales’ GDP contribution, and the sector’s manufacturing GDP contribution, auto sales is always viewed under a microscope.

Currently, India is in the throes of recession having reported two consecutive quarters of decline. However, auto sales has done what it can to ensure that Q3 2020 had enough activity as compared to a lacklustre one in Q2 2020.

The same goes for Q4 2020. By logic, October sales high is not likely to be replicated in December 2020. Though a last sales push is expected owing to the traditional pattern of offers designed to boost sales considering new calendar year vehicles entail a price hike.

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