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Maruti Care app launched for Google, Apple and Windows smartphones

Maruti Care App

First of its kind smartphone app by Maruti Suzuki India. It aims at making life after buying a Maruti easier.

Launched across three major platforms – Google Android Play Store, Apple iTunes Store, and Windows App Store, Maruti Care is the app which will make the lives of their over 1 crore customers easier. It does everything, right from booking appointments to checking how much have you spent on your car till date – this app is a must have if you have a Maruti car in your possession.

Maruti Care App

Downloading the app is very easy. All you have to do is visit your phone’s respective app store (Android Play Store, Apple iStore, Windows App Store), and download the app. It will require permission to access the following files on your phone – appointments, contacts, video and still capture, location services, maps, music library, photos library, microphone, data services, push notification service, SD card, and web browser component. Once you accept to give the app access to these, the download and install will follow.

In order to access the app, you will need to register first. Only genuine Maruti car owners will be able to access this app. After you have registered successfully, you will be given a login and password, which you will need to enter every time you access the app.

Once logged in, you will notice that there are four sections in this app – Maruti Suzuki Connect, Maruti Assist, My Maruti and Maruti Suzuki. Each of these offer multiple features.

Maruti Care App

Under Maruti Suzuki Connect you will have features like Locate Dealer, Book Service Appointment to any Maruti dealer across India, Maintenance Cost, Service Records till date, Service Cost calculator, and Service Feedback.

Under Maruti Assist you get basic tips to how to get the best out of your Maruti car, weather, and traffic updates (to suggest you fastest route possible to your destination), GPS Trip Meter, Service reminder, Vehicle Finder (before exiting the vehicle, all you have to do on the app is press Save Location. So when you are back, and find yourself amongst a pool of cars, you can use the saved location to find your car.)

Maruti Care App

Under My Maruti you get to save your data like car documents, Pan Card, Driving License, RC Book, etc. You can also set expiry date of these documents, so that you can get reminder to renew. Under this, you can also check your details as saved on Maruti Suzuki servers. If there is a change, you can visit nearest dealer to rectify error or update.

The last, Maruti Suzuki tab provides you phone numbers and address of regional offices, feedback form, complaints, concerns, share button (to share the app with other Maruti Suzuki owners), terms of use, and more about the company – Maruti Suzuki.

Overall, the app has been downloaded about 5,000 times since launch. We expect it to be downloaded by hundreds of thousands more in the coming days. Another thing you need to be careful about, there are some fake apps in the market, with similar name. Make sure you download the one with title ‘Maruti Care’ and which is developed by Maruti Suzuki India.

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