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Maruti Ciaz owner gets scammed by 6 thieves on 3 scooters – Video

The video shows how thieves from a gang work in tandem to distract car owners

Despite multiple watch out orders across cities, you never know when you fall prey to a gang of thieves. They have a trade, and excel in it, and recognising the signals may not always be possible despite having your guard up.

The current video in question demonstrates just how thieves steal bags from a car. This is one of the primary reasons why it’s recommended to not keep bags on seats. And to be safe, even when driving the car lest you become a target. The best practice is to keep your bag in the boot / trunk; as this part of the car stays locked and can save you from being targetted.

With thieves scouting for random targets, they wouldn’t necessarily know what the contents in a bag are, but leaving it out there for the world to see, certainly makes you an easy target. Since the effort required is the same, and pattern repetitive, thieving gangs may not be overtly concerned about what their loot could amount to.

How did thieves steal bag from car?

Ideally, the success of a loot works on great coordination and watchfulness wherein every gang member has a task to perform. Most times, the first vehicle tries to get the attention of a driver and shout out some sort of a warning in a dramatic fashion, enough to get the driver’s attention. In this case, it was failing outstretched arms pointing out in the general direction of the car. This maybe a warning of smoke, flat tyres, or anything that will get a response.

This is an important first step cause the success of the plan depends on exiting the car without locking it. Of course, by the time you hurriedly exit the vehicle, the what appeared to be concerned citizens will have disappeared from the scene. While you’re trying to analyse what may be the problem, the individual tasked with extracting the bag will be figuring out the best angle and best door to access the loot from.

Once done, a third group enters the plot in another vehicle and makes conversation at safe distance. This is to ensure that you momentarily remove your gaze from the car. No doubt, the attention to details ensures that you’re in a position where trying to chase behind the thief is difficult to start with.

The Getaway

A getaway vehicle then swiftly takes off once the thief has extracted the package and sat pillion. Importantly, all two wheelers involved in the robbery will in no way appear to be working in tandem, and to ensure good getaway, the vehicles take off in different directions so even if passersby want to intervene it becomes difficult to determine right away which vehicle to chase.

Local police are quick to spot such robberies, and keep a watch on such gangs as they are repeat offenders, and apprehending them helps solve multiple cases at the same time.

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