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Maruti dealer caught using customer’s new Swift as taxi in Delhi (Update)

UPDATE 11th May 2015: After getting to know about the incident below, Maruti Suzuki India has responded in a stern manner. Below is their reply:

Maruti Suzuki India responds The dealership responds.

Original story 4th May 2015: Maruti dealer in New Delhi – Rohan Motors, located in Chattarpur area; has been caught on camera using a brand new Swift hatchback as a taxi.

The entire episode was caught on camera by Team-BHP member Shivjeet. What caught his eye, was that this red coloured Swift with temporary red license plate, was being rashly driven and had passengers inside. He got suspicious and decided to follow the car. His instinct was proved right when he saw the driver collecting cash from the passengers while they got off.

This kept happening until the car Chattarpur. Over the course, Shivjeet noticed the driver collecting money, even negotiating fare with the passengers. Shivjeet now followed the car till the last stop, which as he had expected, was a Maruti Suzuki dealership. Once the car was parked inside the dealership, Shivjeet decided to speak with the manager of Rohan Motors.

Inside he met with a salesperson named Praveen, who he told the entire episode to. In spite of listening to what Shivjeet had said, Praveen told him that this was a customer car, which was on its way from storage facility to the car dealership. This new red coloured Swift was to be delivered to the customer tomorrow, said Praveen. This shocked Shivjeet, and he demanded to meet with the manager of the dealership.

It is at this point Shivjeet was told that the manager is not around. When he asked for manager’s contact number, Praveen bluntly refused to share. Noticing that he couldn’t do anything more, Shivjeet left the dealership.

He has shared the entire episode, along with images online. We hope Maruti Suzuki does take notice of this and lay down some norms to stop this practice.

via Team BHP

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