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The Most Bling Car Wrap: A Maruti Dzire Covered in 1 Rupee Coins

The Fascination with Shiny Objects – A Closer Look at this blinged-out Coin-Covered Maruti Dzire will surprise you

Maruti Dzire wrapped with 1 Rupee coins
Maruti Dzire wrapped with 1 Rupee coins

Ready to hear about a one off car? It sure does ooze bling. This Maruti Dzire is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – it’s covered in hundreds of 1 rupee coins!

Yes, you read that right. Someone decided on a new wrap, and covered their vehicle in 1 Re coins. For starters, let’s talk about the obvious: this car is a real conversation starter. Imagine cruising down the street in a car covered in shiny, metallic coins. Folks will stop and stare, and you’re sure to get plenty of curious looks and questions. There’s a certain weird curiosity that comes with seeing something like this. The coins on this car definitely fit that bill.

Persevering with the weight of hundreds of coins

Redefining blinged-out cars. A sparkly heat trap that reflects a bit too brightly. And with it the weight of hundreds of stainless steel coins weighing in at under 4 grams each. Quite carefully stuck to the car’s exterior. It’s natural to assume that it would add a fixed amount of weight.

But that wouldn’t be greater than carrying passengers, or shoving stuff in the dickie. However equally it is distributed, it’s some added weight on the sheet metal. The weight however isn’t the biggest wonder. It’s how they did it.

Maruti Dzire wrapped with 1 Rupee coins
Maruti Dzire wrapped with 1 Rupee coins

The Intricate process of Sticking Coins on Cars

Sticking stainless steel coins onto a car’s paint must be a challenging task, especially if you want to make sure they stay put. One option may have been to use a strong adhesive, think industrial-strength glue. These products are designed to provide a strong, long-lasting bond, even on difficult surfaces like car paint.

Which then brings us to the question of how one is supposed to yank off the coins without damaging the paint or leaving residue behind when removed. Imagine someone trying to yank off a coin out of curiosity? Surely that coin laden extravaganza can’t be on display forever.

Ee can’t help but stare at this car covered in coins

It’s been meticulously covered. We can only imagine how long this must have taken, not to mention the amount of patience and precision required to get each coin neatly stuck in place. But if you have a persistent preoccupation with symmetry, exactness, and orderliness, look away. The coins aren’t arranged in a specific way. There’s no symmetry. They’re of different sizes. And the coin motifs are placed in all sorts of directions.

Interestingly, this fascination with coins is not unique to this car owner. There have been multiple instances of people using coins to pay for things, such as buying a new two-wheeler. It’s a testament to the value placed on coins that goes beyond just their monetary value. There’s importance placed on these small bits of metal.

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