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Maruti Dzire Tour S Recalled Due To Faulty Airbag – 116 Cars Affected

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Tour S is solely offered for commercial purposes while regular Dzire is offered for PV buyers

Maruti Dzire Tour S Recall
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Maruti Suzuki is the largest automotive company in India. It has been that way for a very long time and is expected to stay that way for a very long time too. The company has been really consistent in offering the lightest possible vehicle that will eek out the highest possible fuel efficiency figures.

But if there is a fault and the company needs to recall, can you imagine the scale at which the company needs to perform actions? If say, a Kia Carnival is recalled, it is not a big thing as it is a premium product and doesn’t sell in great numbers. But Dzire is currently the fifth highest-selling vehicle in India selling over 13,000 units a month.

Dzire Tour S Recall

But luckily, not all the Dzires are subjected to this recall. Only the Dzire Tour S which is sold as a commercial vehicle, is subjected to recall. But also, not all Dzire Tour S commercial vehicles are subjected to this recall either. Only the batch of vehicles manufactured between August 6th to August 16th of this month is subjected to this recall. According to Maruti Suzuki, that dials down to around 166 units only.

What is this recall about? Good question. Maruti Suzuki cites that this is a recall pertaining to faulty airbags on said 166 units only. But not the whole airbag system is defective. An airbag system consists of multiple sensors placed at key locations of the vehicle and detects a crash or impact. When a sensor triggers a signal, there has to be a controller that processes that signal and actuates an explosion that inflates airbags.

Maruti Dzire Tour
Maruti Dzire Tour

This controller that controls airbag functions is called ACU (Airbag Control Unit) and Maruti Suzuki states that ACU on said vehicles is susceptible to being faulty which might result in rare cases where airbags won’t deploy to protect occupants in the event of a crash. Prevention is better than litigation. Ask Hyundai, they paid 1.25 lakh fine to a customer because airbags failed to deploy.

How Bad Is It?

No. The car will function normally and above-mentioned 116 cars subjected to recall have a rare tendency of airbags not deploying. It is advised to take their vehicle to a nearest Maruti Suzuki dealership to get the faulty ACU replaced for free of cost. The owners of affected vehicles will be contacted and replacement of defective airbag control unit.

If in doubt, prospective Dzire Tour S owners who bought their vehicles around the same timeline, can visit ‘Imp Customer Info’ section on Maruti Suzuki’s official website. Once there, they have to fill in the required chassis number to see if their vehicle needs immediate attention.

Even though a mishap like this shouldn’t have occurred in the first place, this doesn’t seem to be a big issue with just 166 units. I mean, looking at Takata airbag recall fiasco, it is said that 30 million (3 crores) vehicles around the world produced by over two dozen manufacturers are affected. It is by far one of the biggest recalls in automotive history on this planet. When compared to that, Dzire Tour S recall with just 166 units is negligible. 

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