Maruti Ertiga beats Honda Mobilio in sales for Oct 2014

Honda Mobilio came out with a bang. But now it’s just a beep. Is this but a blip?

The more premium brand’s first MPV in India competes very tightly with the country’s largest carmaker’s 7 seater. Honda Mobilio seems to offer much more interior space and (claimed) mileage is also the highest in competition. These are two key ingredients customers look for in an MPV, well in any car, as far as Indian market is concerned. Yet why has Honda Mobilio not sustained its sales growth?

Maruti Ertiga sold 5025 units in October 2014 while Honda Mobilio sold only 2985 numbers.

Looking at Maruti Ertiga‘s sales performance over the months, after Mobilio was launched, former dipped by just around 14% comparing to its previous month’s sales. Then in the following month it picked up where it left off and has been fluctuating in its usual (say) 4,500 to 5,500 band. This indicates that Maruti loyalists have stayed with Ertiga and are continuing to do so.

Meanwhile, Honda Mobilio maintained over 5,000 units sales for two months and has suddenly taken a nose dive to under 3,000 units. It seems Honda has brought in new customers for Mobilio, from other segments chiefly. The temporary halt of City production for shifting the facility seemingly pushed some of its buyers to switch to Mobilio, as it apparently is more than a coincidence that MPV sales has fallen when sedan has started to sell again.

Honda Mobilio is known to have not-so-attractive interiors (especially dashboard), sport thinner-than-usual seats and give out a bit too much of diesel clutter. Not to mention the sizeable premium over Ertiga. Are these why Mobilio is loosing customers? Or is it just the advert?