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Maruti Gypsy Electric Showcased For Army – 120 Km Range, 30 kW Battery

Tadpole Projects developed Maruti Gypsy Electric can get up to 30 kW battery, enabling 120 km claimed range

Maruti Gypsy Electric
Maruti Gypsy Electric

Army Commanders Conference (ACC) commenced on Friday, 21st April in Delhi. ACC is a biennial event and is one of the biggest summits where Indian Army conferences are concerned. ACC is conducted in a hybrid fashion for the first time. Where Army Commanders meet virtually and then physically meet at Delhi for detailed demonstrations.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy with retrofitted EV components was showcased at this event. Tadpole Projects is the startup behind this operation. The startup headed by Jawaad Khan is incubated under IIT-Delhi. Official website mentions Tadpole Projects primarily works with vintage cars and Gypsy. The EV conversion includes 30 kW kits enabling 120 km of claimed zero-emission drive.

Tadpole Projects – What Do They Do?

Indian startup Tadpole Projects promises an easy setup. The company promises original driving feel as it retains transmission of said vehicle. On its website, Tadpole offers four battery options. There are two 48V EV architecture options. A 1440 Wh module and a 1536 Wh module options. A 60V architecture option with 1920 Wh modules and a 72V architecture with 8640 Wh modules are on offer too.

All battery modules get IP65/67 rating. They come with protection against short circuits, overcharges, and under-discharges. An option for a smart BMS is available too. Up to 30 kW EV kits and 1 kW to 37 kW (49.6 bhp) electric motors are on offer. Charging time is pegged at 2 to 6 hours. Tadpole promises a 2-year warranty on motor and a 3 or 5-year warranty for battery, extendable to 7 years.

Maruti Gypsy Electric - Battery, Specs, Range Price
Maruti Gypsy Electric – Battery, Specs, Range Price

The process involves swapping out engine components, locating suitable battery placement spots, installation of said batteries and connecting the existing drivetrain with an electric motor. This is a good way of extending the life of an old and unfit ICE vehicle. Instead of scrapping, individuals can opt for EV conversion kits like this if the vehicle is of emotional importance.

There are benefits to EV conversions of old vehicles. For starters, this is a perfect way to extend life out of a prized possession. Like a special vintage car. Also, new vehicles only reduce tailpipe emissions and not emissions associated with manufacturing and energy production required for the manufacturing. EV conversions address both simultaneously.

Significance Of Retrofitted EV Conversions

Maruti Gypsy electric showcased to the military is of prime importance. It signifies re-using familiar and existing vehicles with zero-emission powertrains. The Indian Army is extremely familiar with Gypsies, disassembling and re-assembling them in a matter of minutes.

Maruti Gypsy Electric
Maruti Gypsy Electric

Indian Army is likely to be procuring soft-top Jimnys in the near future. A part of the fleet can be electrified instead of retiring all unfit Gypsys. Similarly, civilians can consider EV conversions for old and unfit vehicles with an expired OEM warranty as well.

Tadpole Projects

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