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Maruti Jimny Heated ORVMs, Headlight – On Sale Before Launch In Aftermarket Store

Heated ORVMs are available for select variants of Jimny in specific international markets that have higher incidence of fog

Maruti Jimny 5 door heated ORVM and headlight arrives at aftermarket store before launch
Maruti Jimny 5 door heated ORVM and headlight arrives at aftermarket store before launch

Most of the details about India-spec 5-door Jimny are already available in public domain. However, price is yet to be announced. Bookings for Jimny are open for a token amount of Rs 25,000.

Ahead of its launch, Om Car Accessories shop in Delhi has started stocking up on replacement parts and aftermarket components for Jimny. One of the interesting finds is heated ORVMs for Jimny. Depending on the market, ORVMs are also referred to as side mirrors or door mirrors. Heated ORVM for Jimny is different from the stock version that has only electrically adjustable and retractable functionality.

Maruti Jimny headlight
Maruti Jimny headlight

Heated ORVMs for Jimny 5 Door

Looking at weather conditions in India, heated ORVMs can come handy during monsoon season and winters. Applicability of heated ORVMs is also dependent on the location. For example, high altitude locations have a higher incidence of foggy conditions throughout the year.

Maruti has not indicated if heated ORVMs will be available as an option with Jimny. Users who need it will probably have to get it installed from one of the accessories shops, as shown in the video. The aftermarket heated ORVM appears to have some additional features. For example, it has an extra mirror at the bottom. This is likely to function as a blind spot mirror. The aftermarket heated ORVM for Jimny also gets an integrated turn signal. Jimny has the turn indicator mounted on the sides.

Maruti Jimny heated ORVM
Maruti Jimny heated ORVM

As the aftermarket heated ORVM comes with preinstalled wire and terminal connectors, it should be easy to install. The plastic door panel on the inside will have to be removed to plug in the wire. And there are a couple of bolts on the door frame that hold the ORVMs in place. For professionals, the installation process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes on one side.

Apart from the heated ORVM, the store also has in stock the headlight unit of 5 door Maruti Jimny. The store owner claims that these are not aftermarket units, but are genuine units. Images are credited to Harsh Vlogs channel.

Warranty unlikely

While the aftermarket heated ORVMs for Jimny can be useful, there is unlikely to be any warranty applicable on the component. When buying accessories like these, one has to rely solely on verbal assurances provided by the shop owner. Of course, the shop owner has a reputation to maintain. But nothing much can be done if the installed component starts to malfunction. It is also not known how the heated ORVMs will impact the electrical systems of the SUV. If not properly configured, users can face issues.

Installing aftermarket components can also void the OEM warranty. Carmakers are quite strict when it comes to following the terms and conditions of the warranty. So, anyone looking to install aftermarket heated ORVMs for Jimny needs to be aware of such eventualities. Maruti can probably save the day by offering heated ORVMs for Jimny as an accessory. It is available in select international markets and can be introduced in India as well.


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