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3 lakh people died in accidents involving Maruti 800 – Dr Kamal Soi, National Road Safety Council member

Photo of the last Maruti 800 rolling off production line
Maruti 800

The number of victims was calculated on the basis of FIRs in National Crime Record Bureau.

National Road Safety Council of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways member Dr. Kamal Soi have accused automakers of dumping their old cars in India and compromising on vehicular safety.

At a road safety conference in New Delhi, Dr. Soi said that unless car makers ensured in-built safety features, crashes are going to be fatal. He also pointed out the BMW 3 Series and Maruti 800 as examples of unsafe cars in India.

India's iconic car Maruti 800 production stopped

The entry level hatchback was launched in 1983 and had been the best selling car in India for decades.

Commenting on the BMW 3 Series, the council member revealed that a crash test has been done and the 3 Series received an average rating for side impact protection. He went on to say that road accidents in India involving the luxury car model were analyzed and in 12 cases, the Beemer split into two under impact.

BMW reacted to the statements by saying that their Indian portfolio is consistent with its global portfolio when it comes to safety.

BMW 3 Series Auto Expo

The India-spec BMW 3 Series is claimed to have a tendency to split into two under impact, says Dr. Soi.

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Dr. Soi also revealed that, on the basis of FIRs in National Crime Records Bureau, 3 lakh people lost their lives in accidents involving the now defunct Maruti 800. The puny econobox which is credited for putting the middle-class India on wheels was launched in 1983. It was the best-sold car in India of all time before its successor Alto claimed that title.

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    In order to reduce accidents people should have to “Take it easy”, “Live and let live” and follow “The traffic rules”. Not all accidents are mere random unfortunate events. 99% accidents happen when people break the law. Stop people from driving like assh0les. The only thing that is safe enough for assh0les is the Armored Personal Carriers.