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Maruti Manesar Strike: Vaastu to be redone, To hire new workers and fire all involved in violence, Management officials not ready to join as lockdown continues

Frazzled by constant turmoil at the Maruti Suzuki Manesar Plant, the company is now resorting to vastu correction process, to rid the plant of all negative energy. The company has contacted an astrologer in this regard and it is suggested that extensive puja be conducted after which the land will be rid of all negative energy which is causing catastrophic effects on the company’s timely production, peaceful functioning and amicable relations between workers and management.

This is not first time that Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant has been suffering at hands of striking workers. Last year in 2011 too similar situation resulted in tremendous loss and damage to company plant and this time round too Manesar employees are holding management at ransom which caused death of a senior official besides injury and bloodshed to employees. Maruti Suzuki has now declared lock out at the company plant due to which production of Swift hatchback and Dzire sedan have suffered immensely. Backlog of these two models is over 1 lakh units while waiting periods have been extended to way over 5 months.

A vedic astrologer from Bangalore, Deivajna K N Somayaji is expected to advise the management on vaastu of the Manesar plant which covers an area of 600 acres. It is learnt that the plant was constructed on a burial ground while three temples were destroyed to construct the plant.

Meanwhile Maruti Suzuki is contemplating sacking all workers from Shift A, which according to police reports were directly involved in the violence that occurred on July 18th. A Shift workers come in at 7 am and leave at 3 pm while B shift workers come in at 3 pm and were on the job with production in process and it was A shift workers who were directly responsible for inciting trouble after which all hell broke loose at the plant.

Speaking about rejoining and starting work at Manesar, one of the officials said, “My parents are not in favour of me joining the company back. They are worried about my safety. I am happy to work at Gurgaon plant or even in Gujarat but not at Manesar. If I am forced to join work at Manesar, I will have to quit.”

S Y Siddiqui, COO, Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant said that they are working on boosting morales of their management officials, even then, there are many official who will never be rejoining. “There can be some compulsions. While none of them have sent in their resignation, we don’t expect all of them (injured) to join work. As top management, we have to build up their morale. We need to ensure their safety. There will be law and order issue that will be playing up on their minds,” added Mr Siddiqui.

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