Maruti NEXA completes 1 year, taking car buying experience to new level

The first car to be launched via Maruti’s Nexa outlet was their premium crossover S-Cross. This happened exactly a year ago. Today, Maruti announced the completion of Nexa’s first year in India.

In this one year, Nexa has helped Maruti Suzuki India sell over 1 lakh cars, this in spite of the fact that Nexa only offers two of the Maruti cars – Baleno and S-Cross.

Maruti NEXA dealership sales

Maruti launched Nexa to redefine car buying experience for their customers, and to change the perception of Maruti being an entry level car brand. Not many expected Maruti Nexa to be successful, but the turnaround is for everyone to see. People are waiting in queue to buy Maruti cars which are priced over INR 10 lakhs. Something which was unthinkable a couple of years ago.

Thanks to Nexa, Maruti has managed to break the barrier and establish itself as a premium car brand, which attracts car buyers in the INR 10+ lakh range as well. Maruti Suzuki plans to expand the number of NEXA outlets to 250 by March 2017. NEXA is expected to contribute 15% of MSIL sales by 2020.

Maruti NEXA dealerships are created to offer premium experience to customers.
Maruti NEXA dealerships are created to offer premium experience to customers.

Celebrating NEXA’s first anniversary, Mr. R S Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales said, “NEXA has been created to address the needs of a new and growing segment of Indian customers. These customers are well travelled, digitally savvy and frequently experience five-star hospitality. They value personal touch and pampering in their purchase and ownership experience. Over half (51 per cent) of the customers who bought cars at NEXA were not customers of Maruti Suzuki at that point, indicating that through NEXA, we are able to attract new categories of customers.”

Maruti Nexa owners

Elaborating on the road ahead for NEXA, he added, “To further enhance the purchase and ownership experience, we plan to provide customers enriching experiences beyond the showroom as well. We will curate new experiences around fashion & lifestyle, music and travel. These experiences will touch the lives of customers through international music festivals, fashion/styling sessions and long distance drives. Rather than limit ourselves to selling cars, our aim is to forge relationships over the period of ownership.”

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