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Maruti Nixa premium dealership now open in Delhi, with Ciaz on display

With majority of car buyers slowly moving up the ladder, India’s largest car maker too is getting ready to climb the ladder. Meaning, in order to cater to the demand of new generation of car buyers (who prefer cars in the range of Rs 10 lakhs), Maruti Suzuki is getting their act together.


Popularly known as a small and entry level car maker, Maruti knows they will not be able to survive competition if they continue making small cars. So, they did launch expensive, more premium cars in India, for eg- Kizashi, Grand Vitara and SX4. What happened? All three failed very badly. There is no single reason to pin point their failure to succeed in India, but one big reason was Maruti’s brand image.

Many car buyers in that segment, Rs 10-15 lakhs, did not want to be associated with a Maruti car. They rather preferred a Honda or a Hyundai, both having a better brand image in the car buyers mind. Maruti knew this was going to be a problem, as changing brand image is not an easy job. After extensive research and customer interactions, Maruti Suzuki came up with a solution.

Launching premium cars was one side of the story, they will also launch a new range of exclusive dealerships called Nixa. Why? Because those willing to buy expensive Maruti cars, would not want to do so under the same roof where a Rs 3 lakh Maruti Alto is also being sold. They wanted better infrastructure, well behaved staff, more educated employees, lounge area, better seating, air-condition, etc. The small but important things which you notice at a premium car dealership.


These new Maruti Nixa dealerships will have all these checks in place and will only house cars which are on the expensive side of Maruti’s range. One such Maruti Nixa dealership is now open in Delhi’s Dwarka region. By the end of this year, Maruti aims to open 30 more Nixa dealerships, all in Tier 1 cities of India.

This dealership’s opening comes at the right time as Maruti Suzuki is going to launch one of their most expensive cars till date – SX4-SCross crossover. Expected to be named ACross in India, this crossver will be priced in the range of Rs 12-14 lakhs.

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