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Modified Maruti Omni ‘Black Devil’ Can Put Crossovers To Shame

The humble workhorse has been transformed into a swanky attention magnet

The Maruti Omni mini van certainly deserves the iconic status as much as its hatchback sibling, the 800. While the 800 ended its glorious run by slowly fading off the sales chart, the Omni was going strong with minimal updates even after three decades. Maruti Suzuki had to withdraw the little people carrier owing to the new safety regulations implemented in India.

Black Devil

Executed by Puthanathani (Kerala) based Carbon Automotive, this modified Maruti Omni nicknamed Black Devil is sure to command maximum attention on the road. While you don’t see modified Omni’s everyday, every example we have come across in the past have managed to make a long lasting mark and this one is no different.

For starers, the full glossy black finish complete with tinted windows makes for a great base to work upon. The custom projected headlamps with red tint is befitting of the Black Devil. The custom front bumper with LED orange turn indicators add to the vehicle’s loud character. Watch the video below to see the exteriors, interiors of the modified Maruti Omni, also listen to its exhaust note.

The modified Maruti Omni has been lowered and its track widened to have a sporty stance. The side skirts, alloy wheels and wider tyres fit rest of the package well but we are not sure of their effects on the driving dynamics. The softly sprung, tall-riding stock Omni was never really known for its directional stability. Another interesting bit is the pseudo side-exhaust tip with twin pipes like in the Mercedes G-Wagon.

Coming to the rear, the Maruti ‘Black Devil’ Omni sports a protruding bumper with quad exhaust pipes. Of the six pipes in total, we don’t exactly know which one is the read deal! Neat smoked LED taillights and an aerodynamic, color-coordinated luggage carrier on the roof round off the exterior changes.


Modified Maruti Omni

The modified Maruti Omni has gotten away with the stock opposite facing rear benches in favor of plusher bucket seats swathed in red. The trademark sliding door makes access to the middle row pretty easy but one would have to fold them to access the third row.


There is no information about the extent of modification the Omni’s puny three-cylinder 796 cc petrol engine has been subjected to. In its stock condition, the motor produces a rather modest 35 hp and 60 Nm of torque. A 4-speed manual gearbox drives the rear wheels.

Overall, this modified Maruti Omni Black Devil has the character and flair to make the Japanese Kei car modifiers proud and put the current crop of mild crossovers to shame when it comes to commanding attention.

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