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Maruti Omni Van Has A Superbike Engine From A “Dhoom Bike”

Suzuki Omni (Super Carry) Modified
Suzuki Omni (Super Carry) Modified

Because this build didn’t alter Suzuki Bandit’s original gearbox, it lacks a reverse gear and needs man power to push and pull it

You must be familiar with Maruti Suzuki Omni. It was the best selling van of India. Maruti discontinued it in 2019. Globally, Suzuki called it Super Carry (not the pickup truck in India).

Calvin’s Car Diary Youtube channel recently posted a video of a modified Omni (Super Carry globally). Suzuki GSF 1250R’s 4-cylinder engine with Yoshimura exhaust and around 150 bhp are highlight elements of this motorcycle-engined van.

This Suzuki Omni Has A Superbike Engine – Jugaad Pro Max

Here is a Suzuki Omni (Super Carry) with a Suzuki GSF 1250R Bandit’s engine. If this motorcycle doesn’t ring any bell in you, this is the same Yellow bike, which the character Ali rode in Dhoom 1. In the video, Calvin interacts with this Super Carry’s owner. This new owner commissioned Rizla Blue paint job. SUZUKI lettering at front gets a Black finish and looks properly cool too.

The new owner has a mini-motorcycle (not operational) in the back too, which is interesting.A lot of jugaad went into this build. For starters, this modder bolted Suzuki Bandit’s original motorcycle fuel tank behind front seats. This arrangement is perfect from a build’s perspective as Bandit’s original fuel pump is inside its fuel tank along with all its wiring harnesses.

Motorcycle fuel tank
Motorcycle fuel tank

Refueling requires folding front passenger seat. Air box is from the motorcycle too and is situated beside Bandit’s fuel tank. This air box gets cold air from the outside through jugaad piping which needs cutting side body panels as well.

This Suzuki Bandit’s 1250cc engine makes around 150 bhp

Biggest jugaad has to be its gearbox. As it is the same unit as Suzuki Bandit motorcycle. Which means a 6-speed sequential gearbox. No H-pattern and not a dogbox too. Also, no reverse gear. In Calvin’s video, owner mentions this vehicle needs someone to push it for reversing. A reverse gear mechanism for motorcycle gearbox with minimal power losses in forward gears is perfectly possible. I know it because that’s exactly what I did as one of my projects in Automobile Engineering.

They do a 10-70 mph (16-112.6 km/h) sprint in around 10.5 seconds. Unsurprisingly, they don’t do a stand-still sprint. This is understandable as Suzuki designed Bandit’s powertrain to haul motorcycle’s weight along with two occupants and not Super Carry’s 1000 kg kerb weight. If someone dumped the accelerator from a standstill, best-case-scenario is this engine will burn a clutch. Yeah, best case.

Instrument cluster
Instrument cluster

Speaking of accelerator, Super Carry’s accelerator and clutch pedal is connected to Bandit’s engine and brakes are likely to be standard. There are fatter tyres too, which will aid (slightly) in stability and grip in corners. Instrument cluster is from Suzuki GSF 1250R Bandit too and there is an aftermarket gear-position indicator.

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