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Maruti S-Cross first reported accident in India, that too before launch

Maruti S-Cross accident (1)

Maruti S-Cross has been damaged severely due to a driver error, resulting in the car tumbling down a valley.


We can now confirm that the crash has occurred due to a driver error. The dealer owned car was in a perfectly fine condition. In spite of such a massive crash, the occupants have not suffered any major injury, including the driver. The car’s safety systems and its robust structure played a huge role in saving lives of the occupants.

Original Story

Following the Hyundai Creta accident which resulted in angry mob overturning a brand new car, its primary rival Maruti S-Cross which is yet to hit the market has already involved in an unfortunate accident. While the Hyundai crossover suffered a minor accident, S-Cross has been subjected to a massive accident.

Maruti S-Cross accident damage

Maruti S-cross accident looks very serious and impact appears to have happened at very high speed. Driver airbag didn’t seem to have inflated as the steering boss is still in place.

Initial details of the crash are meagre so location and cause are still unclear but looking at the mangled remains of what used to be a premium crossover, we are afraid that there could be fatality but we would like to hope otherwise and wait for more details to trickle down.

Maruti S-Cross accident

The mangled remains indicate that the car rolled several times before coming to halt.

Whatever is the reason of the accident, the result is a very high speed impact and it looks like the car has rolled several times, hitting multiple objects before coming to rest. The left side appears to have been damaged the most and sadly there is nothing left in the car to be salvaged.

Closer observation of the first image shows that the steering wheel boss is still in place which means the airbag was not deployed (alloy wheels indicate that its a higher variant which gets standard airbags). It may be a result of the driver neglecting the seat belt. We hope this scary crash didn’t victimize fellow motorists.

Maruti S-Cross crash

We hope there is no casualty however the level of damage strongly indicates the possibility.

Considering that Maruti is set to launch S-Cross on August 5, we suspect the damaged car to be a property of either the company or one of its brand new Nexa dealerships. Please stay tuned as we bring you more details once they emerge.

Via – Team Fiat Moto Club member Nimish Kalappurakal

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  • What’s the location and is the last pic on this page of s Cross? i ask as it shows rust on the car body. Highly unlikely on a brand new car and a recent accident

  • The fact is the sales person driving the dealer end test vehicle was killed on the spot in the accident. The serious issue here is the non-deployment of Airbags even after such a severe accident. It clearly indicates Maruti is compromising on safety for the greed of quick profits and retaining its leadership position in the Automibel Industry.

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