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Maruti S-Cross accident – airbags did not deploy (Update)

Maruti S-Cross Accident no airbags deployed (7)

Maruti is reportedly analyzing the data gathered from this accident to determine whether airbags should have been deployed or not.

Original Story – 5th Dec 2015

A Maruti S-Cross suffered a shattered front fascia due to what appears to be a severe impact on the dead centre. The driver, a Team-bhp forum member, reports that he decelerated quickly from around 100 kmph but still couldn’t avoid an impact with a motorcycle which was attempting to cross the road perpendicular to the S-Cross’ path.

As seen, the impact had managed to bend the front cross member, and shoved the radiator deep into the engine bay. Due to the impact, bonnet and fenders crumpled, plastic parts shattered, and windshield cracked. However, the car’s structural members haven’t suffered any noteworthy damage.

Most cars will have their front airbag impact sensors near the edges, behind the bumper, mounted on structural members. This particular crash doesn’t appear to have damaged the sensor-mounted members with a force high enough to trigger airbag deployment. For comparison, please refer to the image of Maruti Ertiga in the image below. The MPV suffered an impact near the edge of the left bumper which resulted in deployment both the airbags though the overall visible damage to the vehicle is relatively less.

Maruti Ertiga accident airbag deployed

Airbags deployed on the Ertiga above after accident, but not on the S-Cross.

Coming back to the S-Cross case, fortunately, the driver escaped without any serious injuries and the passenger cabin is intact save for the cracked windshield. According to the owner, personnel from Maruti have collected the data of the accident and is studying it to determine whether the airbags should have been deployed in this case or not. The person who was involved in the accident certainly feels that the airbags ought to have gone off.

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Passive safety features such as airbags do go a long way in enhancing occupant safety but despite the advancements in technology, such features don’t have a 100% success ratio since accidents and resultant impacts are way too random for the engineers to formulate a fail-proof method to determine the location and calibration of impact sensors.

UPDATE – 22nd Dec 2015

Mr Naman Goyal, the owner of the S-Cross, has sent us details of what has happened post the accident. As per Mr Goyal, he had asked Maruti for answers to the following questions:

– Share the measurements of the damage which have been taken by the engineers.
– Share what are the physical damage parameters as per which the airbags function.
– What are the other parameters that are taken into account for their functioning.
– Which parameters were not met in the case at hand.
– Share the data on which these results are based.
– Share the calculations used to arrive at these results.
– Share the front part damage’s as recorded by your engineers.
– The speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident arrived at by your engineers.
– The speeds at which the airbags function.
– The complete investigation and examination reports of the vehicle.
– The results arrived at by comparing the current accident to that of the Ciaz (for which the airbags deployed and the pics were shared).

To this, Maruti has replied that the information sought is confidential and cannot be shared. Mr Goyal claims that he later attended a personal meeting with two Maruti officials, who were trying to convince him that the airbags should not have deployed. They also refused to give the above information, and said it was confidential and cannot be shared, adds Mr Goyal.


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  • Praneeth Menta

    If u don’t put on ur seatbelts,the airbags won’t deploy

    • Aman Tripathi

      But fools won’t understand

    • Naman Goyal

      Buddy, i was wearing the seat belt!

      • rickyyy

        Buddy, Maruti Suzuki is not sharing the answers to your questions because they know that they are at fault and you could use those information to drag them to court. I suggest you to hire a good lawyer and file a legal case against then. Dude, there is no relation between the seat belt and the airbag mechanism. Airbag should deploy no matter whether you wear a seat belt or not. Seat belt along with airbag results in more safety..that’s it. You could have been seriously injured or could have lost your life had you not wore your seat belt as the airbags didn’t deploy. So think about it..file a case against them. You can do it.

  • Shànkàr Surésh

    Simply they are using Airbag for hike the price not for people safety.

  • Sandeep Reddy

    I’m doing as much as I can, I suggest all my friends around not to buy Maruti-Suzuki.

    • Nishith Rao Koti

      Instead Suggest all Your Friends to Wear Seatbelts on all times even for short distance drives.
      Airbags don’t deploy unless The Seatbelts are put on/Fastned! 🙂

      • Sandeep Reddy

        Yeah bro, my suggestion is abt the overall condemned quality of Maruti Suzuki. What u said is applicable to any car n drive.

  • Chirag Hemani

    Such damage by hitting a motorcycle. That doesnt sound right. Was the bike made of stone?

    • Nithyanandh Karuppaswamy

      According to the driver’s account of the incident, the motorcycle was carrying three persons!

  • Amardeep Singh

    Tin cans with airbags

    • Sandeep Reddy

      Dude good one …. TIN – SUZUKI

  • P Goutam Kumar

    All brands have similar problems….

  • Jayanand Supali

    Maruti Suzuki cars come cheaper and are built with even cheaper materials!!! There cant be any other better example to showcase it. I mean when i saw the pic, i thought it hit a tree in an effort to avoid the Motorcyclist. But then it wasn’t the case. The amount of damage it has sustained is just unfathomable.
    PS – If The Hulk was riding the motorcycle then i can totally understand the Impact damage!!!!