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Was it overpriced? Maruti S-Cross being offered at INR 1 lakh discount

Maruti SCross sales

Maruti S-Cross rivals Hyundai Creta, and is surprisingly more expensive.

Maruti Suzuki launched the S-Cross crossover based on the SX4 platform in India back in August 2015, about two weeks after Hyundai India launched their Creta SUV. Both, Creta and S-Cross compete in the same segment and are also priced in a similar price range.

As Hyundai had priced Creta 1.6L in the price range of INR 11.59 lakhs to INR 13.60 lakhs, many expected that Maruti S-Cross would under-cut Creta’s price by a huge margin. This was because Hyundai Creta was much more in demand (40,000 bookings in 2 months), and as compared to Maruti, buyers consider it as a more premium brand.

Maruti S-Cross Discounts

Discounts are offered at the newly formed NEXA premium dealerships.

But, to everyone’s surprise, Maruti Suzuki priced the S-Cross (1.6L) in the range of INR 11.99 lakhs to INR 13.74 lakhs. The result is for everyone to see. Hyundai Creta registered sales of 7,437 units in August 2015; thereby becoming the best selling SUV in the country, while S-Cross was far behind at 4,602 units sold in the same month.

By pricing S-Cross higher than Creta, Maruti pushed away those customers who were either waiting to buy S-Cross, or were not sure of buying Creta. So in a way, Maruti helped Hyundai Creta register more sales than expected.

The result, Maruti announcing heavy discounts on their flagship car, and that too within two months of its launch. Both DDiS 200 and DDiS 320 are offered at discounts / benefits of upto INR 1 lakh.

Maruti S-Cross – Photos

Hyundai Creta – Photos

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