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Maruti S-Cross discounts exceed INR 5 lakh as sales decline

maruti s-cross sales decline
Maruti S-Cross price has been slashed by up to INR 5.5 lakh due to stock clearance and low demand.

For a car which costs INR 16.5 lakh on road in Mumbai, this is a huge discount.

The first Maruti Suzuki car to be sold at their new and premium NEXA dealerships, Maruti S-Cross is now being offered at a massive discount of over INR 5.5 lakh at select outlets in Mumbai. The reason for such huge discount is low demand and the need to clear old stock.

Launched only in August last year, Maruti S-Cross competes with Hyundai Creta, which seems to have taken the market with a storm. In the period between Aug-Dec 2015, Maruti S-Cross registered sales of less than 16,000 units, while the Hyundai Creta registered sales in excess of 37,000 units.

Maruti S-Cross discounts

Launched a few days after the Hyundai Creta, Maruti Suzuki introduced the S-Cross at a higher price tag than the Creta. This could have been because along with the S-Cross, Maruti Suzuki was also offering NEXA premium sales network. But with more and more customers complaining about NEXA, it seems giving discounts was the only option available.

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Within a few weeks of launch, in September, Maruti S-Cross was available at a discount of INR 1 lakh. In December the company launched a new Premia Edtion of the S-Cross to attract customers and clear pending stock. But that seems to have not worked as a strategy. Later same month, it was revealed that S-Cross DDiS 320 was being sold at a discount 3 lakh in Delhi. And now it emerges that Maruti S-Cross is available at a discount in excess of INR 5.5 lakh for the DDiS 320, top-end of which costs INR 16.5 lakh on road.

Those interested in buying S-Cross, need to hurry as this offer is valid till stocks last.

Maruti S-Cross – Photos

Hyundai Creta – Photos



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  • Benny Savio

    associated with fiat has the same fate, before it was sx4 now scross.
    Sx4 and scross were jointly developed by fiat and suzuki. With s cross
    what went wrong was the whole nexa crap

  • Yogashankiyan Senthamizhan

    to see a well built and better handling cars from maruti stable blinded
    out by Indian car buyers. Agree maruti should have priced it right but
    creta ain’t cheap either. Anybody who loves and respects driving will
    anyday prefer the scross. But the sales figures speak otherwise. No
    wonder car makers give a crap to Indian market

  • Johns Jose

    of the major factor of success of creta is its big SUV looks . But S
    cross is not having that SUV looks.. Indians are too addicted to SUV
    looks and Hyundai has done a good job in designing Creta

  • Kevin Giji

    Creta has more power stance like look and sexy interior.the car itself is a visual treat

  • DrShereef H Mohammed

    Cross has got a close resemblance with ERTIGA. Which could be a major
    reason for low sales. why should someone pay 12+ lakhs to look like
    ERTIGA. CRETA has good features, sexy look and powerful engine, also
    diesel mill with auto transmission. No need to search for NEXA, it is
    available everywhere also.

  • Baska Pes

    car is ugly in every angle. Large lights, unpleasant shapes. This is
    what indian buyers dont expect from a P R E M I U M car.

  • Pran Venukumar

    One of my colleague said the S Cross looks like an Ertiga and also give 2 seats less, but costs double, strange!!!

    • Biju Jose

      Different people will have different value proposition, some are strange to us.

      • Pran Venukumar

        Yea, there are some who maps i20 to A class.

  • Subin Abraham

    OMG, what wid those guys who bought it when launched.
    oh wait, it’s a Maruti and supposed to ve great resale value. So they
    can sell their month old car for a great price and buy a newone with 5
    lakh discount 😀

  • Hirak Bhaumik

    Faltu car hai discount to dega hai .most disgusting company maruti

  • Steevan D’souza

    a Faltu car discount was necessary too keep up the sales good job
    maruti on fooling ur customers. Take my advice stop selling Faltu cars

  • Vaibhav Naik

    The car is not even worth of 5lakhs

  • Manish Patil

    i wud rather opt for hyundai creta instead of dis car ..