Maruti Suzuki 2016 Raid de Himalaya – Day 3 Report

The 282 km route had 4 stages, 2 transport and 2 competitive. The first 58 km transport stage stretched from Kaza to Losar. The special stage went from Losar to Gramphoo. This reverse route of special stage 1 of day 1 passed through Kunzum La, Batal, and Chotta Dhara and Chatru. With snowfall at Kunzum La, participants had to cross icy terrain.

Special stage 5 started at Losar enroute to Kunzum La and down to Batal, onward to Chotta Dhara and Chatru to end at Gramphoo. The icy terrain forced vehicles to slow down and with not enough to make a road a road, vehicles had to battle stones and rock underlying the road bed. Punctures were the order of the day as racers limped to the finish.


With sub-zero temperatures at these altitudes, both man and machine are required to push a little extra at every step. By Day 3 the route roads had worsened under the grip of rally vehicles during the onward journey. Slush and sleet is what rallyists encountered.

Transport stage from Gramphoo to Patseo covered 97 kms. Special stage 6 stretched 51 kms from Patseo to Sarchu but the rally didn’t commence as an accident near Chatru resultedin the death of rider Paul Subhamoy.


The opposite direction run on Day 3 saw 62 starts. 54 contestants completed the stage. 7 retired. 18th Edition of Maruti Suzuki Raid de Himalaya was declared as completed at the end of special stage 5. Positions on day 3 were accepted as final positions of the rally.

Below are the final results:

4W Extreme

  1. Rana Suresh / Naik Ashwin – 05:09:20
  2. Tsering Lhakpa / Ramesh Kumar V Venu – 05:23:03
  3. Sharma Sandeep / Arya Karan – 05:29:31

Bikes Extreme

  1. Tanveer Abdul Wahid – 04:47:46
  2. Natraj R – 04:50:52
  3. Saxena Umang – 05:39:35
Position Driver Co-Driver Car
Xtreme – T 1
1 Suresh Rana Ashwin Niak Grand Vitara
2 Sandeep Sharma Karan Arya Gypsy
3 Harpreet Bawa Parminder Thakur Grand Vitara
Xtreme – T 2
1 Jasmohan Singh Thakur Gypsy
2 Prem Kumar Mustafa Gypsy
3 Sanjay Razdan Aukta Gypsy
Xtreme – T 3
1 Tsering Lhakpa V Venu Ramesh Polaris
Position Driver Co-Driver Car
Adventure ( Car)
1 Jagmeet Gill Chandan Sen Swift
2 Gagan Sethi Gagan Mehta Swift
3 Vaibhav Poddar Anshul Dua Swift
Adventure ( SUV)
1 Ajgar Ali  Mohd Mustafa Vitara Brezza
2 Sunder Singh Daoud Zaman Khan Vitara Brezza
3 Arjun Singh  Ramesh Nishank Pajero
1 Abdul Wahid   TVS

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Mobil and Motorsports

• In India, Mobil has been an integral partner with leading OEMs and award-winning race teams and is associated with Maruti Suzuki Motorsport’s local but highly prestigious events – Desert Storm, Dakshin Dare and Raid de Himalaya. Mobil endeavours to take motorsports to a different level in the country and support the spirit of motorsports.

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