Indus Motors is No 1 Maruti car dealer in India, sells a car every 15 minutes

Maruti Suzuki car dealer, Indus Motors Kerala has topped in sales for the 9th consecutive year ending 2014-15 with total sales to the tune of 35,919 units (easily much higher than the cars sold by some car makers in India).

First Indus Motors dealership Kerala 1986
First Indus Motors dealership was opened in 1986, Calicut.

Indus Motors, with its registered office in Calicut and Corporate Office in Kochi, Kerala, was incorporated on 11th July, 1984. The company has maintained its No.1 dealer position for the past 9 years. Their network today stands at over 105 showrooms, 31 service centres and 4 dealerships in Kerala. They also have 2 dealerships and 2 service centres in Chennai. This network of theirs, covers 1,364 villages across Kerala, bringing 90% of villages in the state under its domain.

Together within the 6 dealerships of theirs, Indus Motors is estimated to deliver a Maruti Suzuki vehicle every fifteen minutes. The company not only assists the customer in selecting the right vehicle for his needs but also extends aid in finding best finance options. The company is in constant touch with the customer right from booking of the vehicle to updates on delivery status.

Indus Motor Kerala
Indus Motors celebrating being India’s No 1 Maruti Car dealer.

Servicing facilities are offered at the customer’s doorstep and also includes delivery back to customer on completion of servicing operations. Indus Motors also has Maruti on the Road Service operations in the event of vehicle breakdown on the road. These service operations are backed by skilled service technicians to arrive at the location, rectify the problem or tow the vehicle back to the company’s nearest service station in case of major breakdown.

maruti indus dealer network kerala
Indus Motors dealer, showroom and service network.