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Maruti Suzuki Chairman Throws Light On Preventing Accidents

Maruti Suzuki Chairman R C Bhargava hails fit cars and fit drivers along with proper road infrastructure to be hazard-reducing factors in regard to road safety

Swift crash rating
Swift 1 Star GNCAP Rating

Yet again there’s plenty of talk around Maruti on social media. This is in reference to recent statements made in regard to following GNCAP’s safety standards. It comes soon after crash tests performed by Global NCAP on Maruti Suzuki’s Ignis, S-Presso and Swift.

All three tested Maruti cars scored 1 star each where adult occupant safety is concerned. Only Swift scored 1 star in child occupant safety, while both S-Presso and Ignis scored zilch. Now Maruti Suzuki Chairman R C Bhargava has expressed his views on the happenings. And as always, his outlook is anything but blunt.

Views Of Maruti Suzuki Chairman

He mentioned vehicle fitness and proper driver training along with cohesive improvements in road infrastructure and driver training in reference to reducing road hazards. And on such matters, he is bang on. While also completely glossing over the core question that arises in vehicular safety revolving around crashworthiness. Previously, his views were negated towards the NCAP mandatory rating. This time around it appears focused on preventing accidents.

He raised questions as to improper implementations of road infrastructure, vehicle fitness and driver training. And while there are plenty of updates regarding money, literally crores spent on building roads, one only needs to look closer home. With city roads being largely unlevelled, they are also often a parade of potholes. Add to this difficulties attached with poor design and road infrastructure building materials that succumb to real traffic.

Vehicle fitness isn’t audited often enough. And this plagues not just private cars but also transport and logistics industry CVs. There’s also the matter of overworked drivers managing long-haul loads, and exceeding payload limits. Proper road manners and driver training aren’t focus areas.

Car crashworthiness

And while the roads are unpredictable, one is given a glimmer of hope when buying a car. Though a fairly recent discussion here, car crashworthiness queries are expected to increase.

At present, such tests are being conducted by Global NCAP. Earlier this year the draft GSR Notification to Introduce Bharat NCAP was approved. It would be interesting to see what regulations are set in place because currently the way Global NCAP is going about its testing, it’s starting to get a bit confusing.

Testing is focused on a New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), but Global NCAP is including a repeat of tests on older cars. Testing mandates from Bharat NCAP could also resolve the matter of cherry-picking vehicles currently being tested.


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