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So how did Maruti Suzuki DZire diesel deliver 45.8 kmpl mileage?

Maruti Suzuki India organized a nation wide rally (in 31 cities) yesterday, where they invited people who owned DZire (petrol or diesel), whose third servicing was done. Called Dzirable Mileage Rally, the purpose, was to basically show that DZire delivers a better mileage (than Honda Amaze).

And they have succeeded. They now reveal that their diesel DZire delivered 45.8 kmpl and petrol delivers 42.1 kmpl. So how did Maruti Suzuki managed to register this astonishing mileage? In their words, participants were given following guidelines, “Do not exceed 50 kmph, Drive in correct gears as per speed and engine rpm, Avoid sudden acceleration/deceleration, Avoid unnecessary breaking, and Do not switch off the engine while in motion.”

Agreed, these points will deliver a better mileage. But can they improve it by as much as two times? The answer is no. According to Jitin Malhotra, who participated in the Jaipur leg with his diesel DZire, “I could not believe when the engineer told me that my car delivered 38 kmpl. When I asked to explain how did they manage to get to this figure, they (Maruti) were not able to explain. None of the 50 of us were able to understand how did Maruti come to a mileage figure like that. All they asked us to do was to cover a distance of 70 kms with a checkpoint at every 10 kms. Once we were back, these figures were revealed.”

Maruti says the rally is a part of their ongoing celebrations, which mark DZire’s anniversary and 5.5 lakh sales. At the occasion, Mr. Manohar Bhat, Vice President (Marketing), Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, “The Dizerable Mileage Rally is an innovative way to thank the old, new and prospective Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire customers. Over 5 lakh customers in just 5 years is a milestone that every automobile manufacturer dreams of and our customers have helped Swift Dzire to achieve it. The sales numbers reflect the strong customer connect of the Swift DZire for its high fuel efficiency, low cost of ownership and the overall value.”

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