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Maruti Suzuki NEXA customers unhappy, Tweet complaints

Maruti Nexa complaints

Maruti Suzuki NEXA dealerships have been opened with the sole purpose of offering buyers an exclusive experience however, majority of the tweets received from customers suggest that they are unhappy.

After Maruti Suzuki India Limited opened its first NEXA dealership New Delhi earlier this year in August, a host of NEXA outlets have sprung up across the country. These exclusive dealerships were opened to change the image of the company from being affordable to being in the premium category while only select models were on display at these dealerships.

NEXA was launched with an integrated design and a level of hospitality that customers would remember for a long time to come. However, recent tweets from NEXA customers show that the dealerships have not lived upto what was advertized by Maruti. The number of complaints tweeted are clear indications that there are hundreds of unhappy customers who have found that NEXA experience is anything but premium.

NEXA stands for New EXclusive Automotive experience

NEXA stands for New EXclusive Automotive experience

Customers have cited numerous ways in which NEXA has defaulted in service, offered poor quality parts and delayed supply of spares, lacking proper communication and no proper sales, causing many customers to keep their vehicles parked in their garages. Some customers have even gone to the extent of warning buyers against placing their orders at these showrooms while some have threatened to take NEXA dealerships to court.

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Each of these customers have only received a single line as a reply stating to DM the showroom customers e-mail ids and phone numbers so that the issue could be looked into. This reply seems to be a standard auto generated line for all customers irrespective for the nature of the grievance, leaving them even more disheartened.

What Maruti Nexa claims

What are customers getting

These are some of the complaints posted online withing the past 7 days!!!

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  • Nexa
    is too small to handle demand of baleno. They should straight away get
    back with normal showroom they can handle large crowd. An expensive car
    can sell with cheap car if it has potential.

  • People should not go blindly and buy the product. Please check the car and built quality first. Its not upto the mark of premium segment cars like i20.
    When I checked with Maruti service center, I got a clear message from one of my known mechanic that there is a step mother treatment from both maruti and Nexa guys towards each other. So, be careful guys.

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