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Maruti Suzuki Sustainability Report 2014

Maruti Suzuki Manesar solar‘Making it Matter’ report outlines Maruti’s focus and action in social, environment and economic spheres in making a positive and meaningful difference in stakeholders lives. Maruti remains committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, as in all business fronts.

6th Sustainability report highlights initiatives to reduce stress on natural resources. Energy costs are down by over 5% after installation of a 1MW Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant at Manesar plant this year. Maruti manufacturing sites have zero waste water status. About 48% of water requirement at a facility is met through re-cycled water. Since 2010, Maruti sends hazardous waste to the cement industry for co-processing, eliminating the need for landfills.

R.C. Bhargava, Chairman says CSR activities will be primarily in areas of Village Development, Skill Development and Road Safety. Village development oversees household toilet construction, government school upgrades, separate toilets for girl students, improved sanitation and water facilities in villages. Maruti Suzuki will focus on skill development so students from Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) are industry ready. Road safety programme involves training a large number of drivers, train the trainer and partnering with Government so select towns are made ‘a model’ from road safety perspective. A scholarship scheme supports students orphaned due to road accidents.

Maruti’s green initiatives in its supply chain include ISO 14001 certification for tier-I suppliers, and implementation of Green Procurement Policy. In aligning with new Companies Act, Maruti Suzuki has established a Board Committee on CSR. CSR policy is board approved.

Maruti Suzuki has adopted GRI G4 reporting framework, though it is applicable only from 2015. Beginning early allows Maruti to widen its reporting structure. To this end, Maruti has revised and strengthened its materiality matrix. The framework includes Economic, Environment, Labour Practices, Human Rights, Society and Product Responsibility.

Maruti Sustanibility Report 2014

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