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Maruti Swift based concept car unveiled by Schaeffler


Schaeffler unveiled Maruti Suzuki Swift based concept car in Mumbai to mark Innovation Day. An outstanding feature of this concept vehicle is that it is ideally suited for Indian driving conditions and is aptly named Efficient Future Mobility India Concept.

Schaeffler-efficient-future-mobility-India-carSchaeffler, German automotive component supplier has introduced a new concept car for India. This concept is based on Maruti Suzuki India’s Swift hatchback. It utilizes advanced drivetrain technologies so as to ensure its adaptability to Indian driving conditions. Increased fuel economy is what endears this concept to Indian buyers while at the same time the vehicle displays a high level of comforts and better performance.

Schaeffler has put in a great deal of efforts where research and development of this Efficient Future Mobility India car is concerned. The component supplier has ensured that the vehicle meets customer preference in India while it displays unique driving abilities best suited for the idiosyncrasies of driving conditions in the country. Efficiency is enhanced through the inclusion of Start/Stop system with electronic clutch management, variable cam timing and shift detection system. The concept was unveiled in Mumbai to add to Schaeffler Innovation Day celebrations while the company chose to remain mom where prices of this concept vehicle were concerned.

Schaeffler, the euro 11-billion giant, is going to invest INR 550 crores in India via expansion plans. It is present in India via FAG Bearings, INA Bearings and LuK India Pvt Ltd. FAG and INA have been the leaders in India for supplying rolling bearings. Their clients include Maruti Suzuki India and Hyundai India. Both FAG and INA have been growing at a steady rate of 15% annually in India.


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  • Maggie Henderson

    I saw this car at the Detroit motor show where it was adapted to meet the CAFE standards for 2020 and I am sure this Suzuki concept car wil prove very successful in India. Indeed any fuel saving is great but with all the special functions including the Start/Stop which works beautifully especially in heavy traffic. As to the price – well knowing Schaeffler I have a feeling they will try and keep it affordable otherwise what would be the point, but at the same time they have to make a profit. As a bye the bye I read that Schaeffler are planning on spending 150 million Euros on expansion plans in India over the next 3/4 years at their existing plants at Pune, Hosur and Vadodara, whilst also building a green field plant at Savli, near Vadodara. Whilst everyone else is moaning about hard times in Europe and India, Schaeffler just keeps growing – maybe a lesson to us all there somewhere !!!

    • Nabanita Singha Roy

      Maggie, it will take a while to make any headway in India. Emphasis here isn’t on advancements that require radical changes. However, fuel efficiency is always a lure. Considering Maruti is the largest seller here, that will be helpful, as people already know and like the brand. Yes, Schaeffler is investing in India. Also in case you do have some images of the vehicle fro the Detroit Show, we would be very grateful if you forwarded us a few.

  • Benson Kian

    This concept cars is now finally announced after almost half a year’s of waiting! I believed its the driving conditions in India thats differ to USA’s, so this Indian concept car is unable to provide a fuel efficiency of 15% as the one that Schaeffler shown during the North America International Auto Show last month. However, 10% is still an impressive figure. India has a population 2nd highest in the world of more than 1.2 billion, imagine the amount of transportation needed and how much gasoline is saved everyday. With the better efficiency there will be less pollutants being emitted thus less harmful to both humans and environment.

    • Nabanita Singha Roy

      At this point, it all sounds nice, but actually implementing a change that influences buying habit is yet to be tested here.

      • Benson Kian

        True, I do believe if the Indian Government is willing to make a change, they can offer a subsidy to all the drivers who are willing to purchase that vehicle from Schaeffler. I remembered a news that I read a few years back, the air pollution was quite serious in Hong Kong, the HK Government wanted to control the emissions from vehicles on the road and started the renewal campaign on the truck and lorry first by subsidizing 40% of the new vehicle cost, the campaign is later on brought forward to the taxi sector, it was quite successful and the feedback from the public was unexpectedly good. So I do believe the Indian Government could do the same to help the majority to get a hand onto this vehicle from Schaeffler, it will just do more benefits than damages.

        • Nabanita Singha Roy

          That would be awesome but changes here take a long time to be implemented, so, as of now, we can cross our fingers and wait.

  • Maggie Henderson

    To reply to Nabanita Singa Roy. Take a look at this pdf file. Iis more informative than a few photos as it gives you not only pictures but technical info as well :

    Although I don’t live in India I do believe that India is ready for change and so long as this car is within the financial reach of people who would normally drive a Suzuki Swift, then there would be no reason why they would not go for it. Not only because of the fuel savings but because of the kudos also.

  • Juliet Andrew

    Bravo Schaeffler, this is a very great innovation from
    Schaeffler. Producing a car that is perfect and fit a particular country in a
    great innovation and I believe this will contribute greatly to revenue
    generation of the company in no small measure as many people will prefer the
    car to other cars because of the 10% fuel efficiency. Also, this is also a prove
    to the entire automotive companies in particular and the world in general that
    Schaeffler contribution to the growth and development of automotive industry cannot
    be over look.

  • Nabanita Singha Roy


  • lorritae

    This is a really big innovation exclusively for India and India’s people .Not only did it
    help India’s people to save much amount of oil compared to the same distance
    they drove before , but also this innovation specifically solve the existing
    India’s road problem which is ideally suited for Indian driving conditions .What
    is a great car innovation named Efficient Future Mobility India Concept !

  • Pip

    As the Indian car market ist very specific, something has to be done and efficiency and durability due to the bad conditions of the roads. Let’s see if Schaeffler will be successful with this market entry.