Maruti to use customer data to increase sales by 2 lakh per annum

Maruti Suzuki Customer Data Analytics, which has been maintained right from 2010 to date, is what has helped the company command a leadership position in the country.

This data is maintained from the point of contact with the customer. It is of use to the company for customer retention, profiling and also for product innovation adhering efficiently to demands of customers in the country.

Maruti NEXA dealerships are created to offer premium experience to customers.
Maruti NEXA dealerships are created to offer premium experience to customers.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has a database marketing system of 15 million customers out of which 12 million have unique mapping. Via this customer base, MSIL sold 65,000 units during 2015-16 and is expected to take these figure upto 2 lakh units by the year 2020.

Analytics-led customer relationship management (ACRM) is slated to be further enhanced by the company. This will help the company to continue its leadership position in India while also to introduce products complying with the demands of customers.

It is thanks to ACRM that MSIL enhanced its Auto Shift Gear technology from the Celerio to Alto, WagonR and DZire. Maruti Suzuki Customer Data Analytics revealed that while 46% customers are first time buyers, 27% are replacement buyers while 27% are buyers on the lookout for an additional vehicle.

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Data is collated via dealer management system, customer response center, website data, telephone inquiry data and insurance data thus signaling to the company when the buyer is ready for their next purchase. The data also allows the company to track vehicles which are involved in accidents or those vehicles which are damaged signaling to the company that the buyer is soon to make a new purchase.

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