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Maruti WagonR rear AC vent jugaad done for Rs 80 – Owner shares video

Air conditioning in a car is something of a necessity these days. Though its need is felt throughout all seasons, it is especially in summer months that it is of vital importance. Most new cars have this feature these days. But older generation cars, especially which were in the entry level segment, did not come with this feature. Owners of such cars have to withstand discomfort in the passenger area.

Owners of cars without a rear AC vent should view the accompanying video to see how easy it is to cool the rear cabin area. The video by EASY LIFE IDEAS, shows off how this feature can be fitted without an expert help, as it is a simply DIY (do it yourself) jugaad; and that too at a cost of just Rs.80. The owner has installed rear AC vent successfully in his Maruti WagonR, and created a video to share the same with others.

The rear AC fitment can be done in practically all models of cars on entry level cars on sale in the country. The rear AC vents are located behind the central tunnel of the car. The video shows how the plastic cladding around the central tunnel is removed, a hole is created in the rear section which faces the rear seats and a simple drain pile is added. This pipe is secured in place and plastic cladding is positioned after which the pipe is pulled forward and attached to the AC vents under the dashboard and the AC is ready to cool the air in the rear passenger area. Detailed vide below.

Though this may seem a simple and straight forward arrangement and that too at a very low cost, there are certain precautions to be taken for installation. For a start, the pipe has to be covered with insulating material like Styrofoam sheet or duct tape so as to ensure that the air does not get hotter along the way.

The pipe should be of adequate length, hole should be of precise size and a strong adhesive is required to seal the edge of the pipe which is attached to the hole. The pipe should be in position after which the plastic cladding should be fastened.

Every after market system does also have its disadvantages and here too the drawbacks can be seen as there is no cold air for the lower body area for passenger in the front. The air has to travel a longer distance through the pipe which results in loss of cooling and also, since this is a makeshift system, there is less stability leading to some vibrations especially if the claddings are not refitted properly. This jugaad has not been thoroughly tested, and is definitely not recommended by Maruti Suzuki India.

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