Maserati interiors splashed with white paint as owner tries to save a dog on road

A Maserati driver in South Australia tried to avoid hitting a dog, a tin of white paint placed on the seat at the rear went flying all over the cabin, dislodging its lid and splashing the Maserati interiors in a thick coat of white paint.

Maserati interiors
The photo was shared on Facebook, by RAA Insurance with the following description – “What a disaster! If you get a new paint job for your Maserati, make sure it’s on the outside (lucky he was insured….)”

In what can be an expensive insurance claim, the RAA Insurance Company declared the Paint splattered Maserati a total write-off and settled the claim for $90,000 (£43,750, INR 57,49,240).

The driver of Paint splattered Maserati Quattroporte was fine and presumably so was the dog; but the car’s interiors were splattered beyond repair. Streaks of thick white paint could be seen right from the windscreen to dashboard and central console right to the cars steering wheel and doors.

maserati quttroporte interiors
The interiors of Maserati Quattroporte without the white paint.

Claims Manager for RAA Insurance, Hayley Cain has said that though the company assesses around 23,000 cars a year, claims are not usual. But a few stand out as did this white splattered Maserati. Other claims encountered include rats chewing through the wires of a Land Rover while a Mercedes Benz had to be written off when a coat hanger got entangled in the convertible roof mechanism. In other claims, a parrot ate through the door trim while a dog caused havoc in a car’s interiors.

Maserati Quattroporte