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Mayor Boris Johnson drives Metrocab taxi in City Hall car park

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London Mayor Boris Johnson took a short drive of the all-new Range-Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab from UK-based Ecotive and its technology partner Frazer-Nash Research in the underground car park of City Hall.

Metrocab_Taxi (5)London will benefit from 0 emission capability, while drivers will get 75mpg and can charge vehicles at home via standard mains outlet. Metrocab has 6 passenger seats, full-length panoramic glasshouse, improved luggage space, and full disabled accessibility

Boris Johnson said, “Ecotive, with technical expertise from Frazer-Nash, has designed a unique and purpose-built new Metrocab taxi for London with zero emissions capabilities, which is exactly the type of vehicle I would be delighted to see entering the market.”

Metrocab Chairman Sir Charles Masefield said, “The Metrocab is designed as the next-generation London taxi and represents a revolution in the market as the first electric-powered cab to meet the duty cycle of a London taxi, where cabbies typically drive many miles from outside the city – making pure electric cars impractical with current technology and infrastructure. Ready now, our range extended drivetrain technology offers the solution London and other world-class cities are looking for. We are confident Metrocab will make a real impact in the market and provide a better service to cities, drivers and passengers alike.”

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