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McLaren MP4-12C and Rolls Royce Ghost with Psy at the Soul ear phone commercial shoot

McLaren MP4-12C (1)

A quick glance at a Soul ear phone commercial shoot in Hong Kong makes it hard to ignore the props and pop star personality involved. Filming at Victoria Harbour, the shoot was open to an enthusiastic audience.

McLaren MP4-12C (1)There’s no indication though if the Korean pop music wonder man broke into song and dance in between takes. What however is no mystery is the presence of a McLaren MP4-12C and Rolls Royce Ghost on location.

The photographer’s Facebook update after a hard day’s work was, “After shooting , i give PSY 2 selection to back Hotel…… which will you choose? RR GHOST or MP4-12c spider?”

McLaren MP4-12C (6)

He also takes the opportunity to thank McLaren Hong Kong and Rolls-Royce for their support of the Soul ear phone commercial shoot. The McLaren MP4-12C and a bevy of beauties do appear to be part of the shoot at some point.

McLaren MP4-12C (7)

McLaren MP4-12C (8)

McLaren MP4-12C (9)


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