McLaren MP4-12C Spyder supercar makes its presence felt on internet

The new and final model of MP4-12C Spyder recently made its presence felt when it was posted on the internet giving auto enthusiasts a chance to see firsthand the new open top hard roof variant.

The creation is the works of Teamspeed resident artist Wildspeed and designers have ensured that the car shows off its engine to the fullest. McLaren MP4-12C Spyder can convert into a roadster from its original coupe buildup in just a matter of 17 seconds. Its plenum cover has been lowered by 8mm ensuring adequate place for a folding roof mechanism.

The engine of MP4-12C Spyder is powered by a twin turbo 3.8 liter V8 engine offering 600 PS and 600 Nm torque and abilities to accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 3.7 seconds while the coupe can reach similar speed in 3.3 seconds. McLaren plans on launching the supercar later this year.