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McLaren P1 with rear wing revealed in new photos and video


McLaren has revealed a fresh set of photos of P1 supercar along with a video. McLaren P1 is making test runs as you read, and getting ready for its next global appearance.

McLaren P1 with rear wing revealed in new photos and video (6)McLaren Automotive, the British brand, has not revealed where the P1 is headed next. It was first unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show last September as a design concept.

The new addition, which can be easily noticed in the images here, is the rear wing. McLaren P1 will replace the legendary F1, and to be a worthy successor, P1 will need to be really good. McLaren has revealed that the P1 will have much better aerodynamics (0.34 Cd) and power to weight ratio (1bhp : 1.66 kgs). P1 will share the carbon fiber tub and wheelbase from MP4-12C and will also feature the Formula 1 type KERS system. Mclaren is working round the clock to better the P1, the aim being, “to produce the best driver’s car in the world on road and track.”

McLaren says, “A dedicated team of McLaren engineers, technicians and racing drivers are running a fleet of XP-codenamed vehicles, around the clock in some of the most demanding conditions, and on roads and circuits across the globe.” See the video below to see how the McLaren engineers have managed to keep themselves busy!


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