Mean Metal Motors need your money to build India’s first hybrid supercar

To be named M-Zero, the team has developed two concepts of the same. They claim it to be India’s first supercar with advanced hybrid powertrain.

Mean Metal Supercar India

Based on a carbon fiber monocoque platform, M-Zero Supercar is currently under development. It is being worked on by 4 teams from 4 countries. Teams from Portugal and Italy are working on the body and styling while team from UK are taking care of simulation and analysis. The Indian team will be concentrating on engine, transmission and aerodynamics besides other systems on board the M-Zero Supercar.

Several innovative features will be seen on the M-Zero which will include a Turbulizer which lowers thickness of boundary layer which in turn reduces aerodynamic drag. M-Zero will also have Fingerprint Keyless Entry which will mean that no one but the owner can open the car.

Mean Metal Supercar India

Speaking about the conventional heart of this car, Mean Metal Motors are yet unsure. They plan to use either a 4.0 liter AMG sourced bi-turbo V8 engine or a 4.8 liter NA V10 which is also seen on the Lexus LFA. Whatever be the case, sourcing engine from either Mercedes AMG, or Lexus is going to require a lot of work (and money). The team claims that this supercar can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in less than 3 seconds and will have a top speed of 320 kmph.

Mean Metal Motors is currently scouting for funds and hopes to raise $7 million (Rs 42 crores) in the first round of funding. This will allow them to make the first prototype. M-Zero is to be manufactured in a Scandinavian country while marketing will take place in Europe. Still, the team wants it to be called as India’s first supercar. (Are you listening DC Avanti?)