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Tata Communications Official Managed Connectivity Supplier for Mercedes AMG PETRONAS

Mercedes AMG PETRONAS and Tata Communications are now bound in a partnership whereby Tata Communications becomes the “Official Managed Connectivity Supplier” for the team. With Tata Communications global network being in focus, both companies will be working in close co-ordination to deliver state of the art connectivity with a higher degree of speed, quality and trackside connectivity due to which the team will be able to transfer real-time data from the Silver Arrow cars to headquarters in the UK, at 3 times the speed than was used until now.

This information will be transferred to their headquarters in factories at Brackley and Brizworth, UK three times faster as compared to what is achieved as on date. Tata Communications Global Networks will also play a vital role in team’s performance, besides enhance team’s reaction to developments on the track and also to increase car performance.

In February 2012, Tata Communications introduced a multiyear technology service and marketing agreement with F1 Management so as to ensure connectivity to all F1 race locations. The company offers global hosting and content delivery services to the F1 website. Tata Communications owns and maintains a ring of cables that run around the world and also include the first subsea fiber ring. This global network consists of 500,000 kms of subsea cables and 200,000 kms of network cables on land. These cables assist in transferring of data at the rate of 1 terabit per second.

Ross Brawn, Team Principal at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS said, “We are delighted to have agreed our new team partnership with Tata Communications. Formula One relies on data and the ability to transfer our data from the track back to our factories in Brackley and Brixworth quickly and securely. The Tata Communications global network will play a key role in the team’s performance and our ability to react over the race weekends. That we will now be able to achieve our data transfer requirements three times faster is fantastic. Having Tata Communications on-site at the race track to work with the team will be a big asset in our demanding and fast-paced environment, and we look forward to developing a close working relationship with them as we strive to achieve our ambitions in Formula One.”

Mehul Kapadia, Managing Director, F1 Business, Tata Communications said, “The modification and improvement of car set-up and handling is a constant during the race season, and being able to share richer data and to report issues back from trackside to the factory in real-time provides a competitive edge in car performance, both in speed and also in handling and stability. Providing three times faster connectivity for MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS via Tata Communications’ global network means that the team has access to secure and agile trackside connectivity regardless of race location – it showcases our expertise and speed to lead when it comes to global connectivity, and reinforces our ongoing commitment to technology innovation within Formula One.”


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