Mercedes-AMG Aston Martin technical partnership, bespoke V8 powertrains development

Mercedes_Benz_Aston_MartinThe company joins existing shareholders Investment DAR, Adeem Investment and Investindustrial. A non-disclosure at this point ensures no further details of the planned partnership for now. The development sees engineering teams from both company’s work together to optimise implementation. Mercedes-Benz gets an observer status in Aston Martin’s Board of Management.

A corresponding Letter of Intent has been signed. Supply agreements between Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Benz Cars and Aston Martin are in the offing. The development sees Mercedes-AMG supply Aston Martin with engines (development of bespoke V8 powertrains), Mercedes-Benz Cars e/e (electric/ electronic) components for Aston Martin’s future models. The technical partnership supports Aston Martin’s launch of new gen vehicles that incorporate cutting edge technology. Both automaker’s are working towards signing definitive agreements by year end, and are subject to applicable regulatory approvals.

Ola Källenius, Head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH said, “We are proud to work with Aston Martin and provide them with powertrain and e/e components for their forthcoming sports cars. This is proof of AMG’s technological and performance expertise and a real win-win situation for both sides.”

Aston Martin Product Development Director Ian Minards said, “We have selected AMG specifically as the basis for this powertrain development process. Aston Martin sources cutting edge technology from key suppliers around the globe and the opportunity to include content from Mercedes-AMG GmbH in our next generation sports cars is, clearly, good news.”

He added: “Working with Mercedes-AMG in this waywhile, of course, remaining independent and preserving the unique character and style of Aston Martin that has been the mainstay of the company throughout its 100-year history, points to a very bright future for the company as it starts its second century in business.”