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Mercedes-Benz India consolidates: Tops 2016 luxury car sales

For 2016, Mercedes Benz India sales stood at 13,231 units, as against 13,502 units sold in 2015 to report 2 percent sales decline. Despite marginal loss, Mercedes-Benz India did infact endure through a difficult year end that saw demonetisation wreak havoc across industries.

Before Mercedes Benz India, it was Audi who was the no 1 luxury car brand in the country. Back in 2013, Audi India sold 10,002 cars. It was the first time a luxury car manufacturer operating in India had sold over 10,000 cars in a year. The triumphant performance was repeated the next year, but this time the margin was smaller.

Unconfirmed reports now put Audi India on no 3 slot, behind BMW India. Their sales for 2016 stand at 7742 cars, down from 11,192 units sold in the previous year to mark 30.82 percent sales decline. A significant decrease in this niche segment that’s largely on the growth route. BMW India reported sales for 2016 at 7,861 (7500 BMW and 361 MINI) cars at 14% sales growth over 2015 when the company sold 6,890 (6,550 BMW and 340 MINI) cars.

The rotational performance numbers has seen Mercedes-Benz India live through their own period of low performance. Mercedes-Benz took its performance back to the drawing board, and pretty much re-hauled the processes: branding, marketing, market reach, vehicle portfolio, and finance, amongst others.

Speaking about 2017, Audi India sold 2131 units down from 2738 cars sold in Q1 2017, a sales decline of 22 percent. For the same quarter, Mercedes Benz India has reported sales at 3,650 units, up from 3,622 units sold in Q1 2017 to report growth at under a percent. Beginning 2015 to date, the company has already launched about 30 products, ensuring there’s something for everyone across price points. Its AMG range in India is just as wide.

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