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Mercedes Benz autonomous driving concept interior previewed ahead of CES debut

mercedes future car

Mercedes Benz has released preliminary sketches and graphic renderings of soon-to-be-unveiled autonomous driving concept. It will be premiered at 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, between January 6th and 9th.

Mercedes autonomous driving concept is designed like a fashionable living room on wheels, featuring lounge-style front seats with ability to swivel to face rear seat occupants.

mercedes future car

The four seats inside the autonomous drivable Mercedes Benz Concept. Steering wheel is extendable, which will be helpful in manual driving mode.

There is also a centre table between all four seats (two front and two rear, both set facing the other). Dashboard is expansive and flamboyant, featuring full length infotainment system. Rest of features include wooden floors, glass roof, premium leather upholstery, and the like.

Gorden Wagener, design chief at Mercedes Benz, said to Motoring in an interview that this concept helps the company define luxury of future. He added that the brand has evolved an interdisciplinary scenario and thought through the freedoms that autonomous driving brings, such as more space, more time and more ways to interact.

Mercedes Benz has already developed an autonomous S-Class (S 500 Intelligent Drive) and the autonomous Future Truck 2025 which is based on Actros 1845. The German luxury marque is one of only three companies to have acquired California state autonomous car permits (other being Google and Audi).

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