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Mercedes Benz A Class and CLS Shooting Brake claim triple victory at 2013 Design Trophy


A-KlasseReaders of the prestigious Auto Zeitung magazine have cast their vote for vehicles with the most attractive of designs. It is no surprise that Mercedes Benz has walked away with first prizes in three categories. Mercedes Benz A Class was voted as the winner in compact class while CLS Shooting Brake was declared a winner in Estate Car Class and was also an overall champion. A total of 24,258 readers of Auto Zeitung magazine cast their vote and needed to concentrate exclusively on design of the vehicles.

Readers recognised the CLS Shooting Brake for its outstanding design which stands apart from any other. This is a five seater sports car with an elongated tailgate and has a distinctive slope at its rear end which is what makes this vehicle different from the rest. The CLS has a wooden floor protected with aluminum rails wherein the Mercedes Benz superb craftsmanship is evident. Design and performance that are at their optimum in the CLS, which is what makes it no match for any other vehicle.

Mercedes Benz A Class the other recipient of this design award possesses an outstanding design and exudes a distinctive character. Seen with pronounced feature lines that add character to the vehicle exterior , interiors are done up in the most exclusive quality of material making it well deserving of this accolade.


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