Mercedes Benz A Class launch prelude on Twitter with #AClassPulsate

Mercedes Benz A Class (2)BMW and Mercedes Benz are keen to introduce a bevy of beauties in the luxury hatchback segment here in a bid to play on even ground with luxury segment leader, Audi. Mercedes Benz will launch A Class on 30th May 2013. This will be followed by their new B Class diesel engined vehicle, while BMW will be introducing 1 Series in time for the festive season. Audi will follow close behind with its new A3, at an opportune time for launch.

Luxury hatchbacks will have to capitalise on a new customer base in the form of young professionals and buyers who want to move up the economic ladder. However, it’s not an easy nut to crack. Expensive premium hatchbacks though admired never seem to find too many buyers here making it a very difficult segment to count on or turn to in order to boost sales.

Notwithstanding, it’s always worth a try. Mercedes has gone on a social media overdrive in creating A Class awareness in the period leading up to launch date. The simple Twitter campaign reads as follows, ‘If you think you keep the party alive and pulsating, tweet your pictures with #AClassPulsate and win a trip to Ibiza or the new A-Class for a year.’ The initiative has raked in positive response and MB India’s Twitter page is proof of that. Another opportunity for the same big win requires enthusiasts to share a photo of yourself at the party here. Apart from MB A Class buzz, the company will inaugurate their Silver Arrows Noida dealership on 14th May. On 16th May,  Boris Becker will unveil the Mercedes Benz GL Class at it’s launch event. A dealership in Bangalore is on the cards too.