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Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Volvo V40, BMW 1 Series luxury hatchbacks for India


Automakers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo are all showing interest in the compact car segment when it comes to new launches in the Indian luxury auto market. Deamnd could be seen as a key factor in this segment and automakers are slowly and steadily considering it.

Mr.-Eberhard-Kern-Managing-Director-and-CEO-Mercedes-Benz-at-the-launch-of-the-new-A-Class-in-MumbaiMercedes Benz entry into the luxury hatchback category was seen in the new A Class, while recently Swedish automakers Volvo launched the V40 compact crossover even as German rivals BMW are set to introduce their new 1 Series this year. Audi India has not offered a conclusive idea about whether they will compete in the segment anytime soon.

Of course the A3 sedan does find a mention often. In the entry level segment, Audi Q3 is winner when it comes to sales but it’s not a hatchback, and now it remains to be seen how buyer preference spans out. Would the growing number of luxury car buyers prefer a compact crossover or utility vehicle at the price of a hatchback, or will they give the hatchback a thumbs up. Luxury cars are no longer fancy wheels parked for days at an end to incite neighbours envy. Eve better is the fact that luxury hatchbacks are spacious.

V40 Cross Country

The compact luxury car segment is at the moment untested territory and while the Indian auto sector is in the throes of downturn, luxury automakers are certainly seeing more promise in this segment. Mercedes-Benz A-Class received 400 booking within 10 days of launch at a price of Rs 21.93 lakhs. Volvo V40 Cross Counry is is avaiable at a price of Rs 28.50 lakhs and was launched in India launched in Delhi last Friday. BMW 1 Series launch is currently awaited in India as the company has begun their pre-launch campaign.


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