Mercedes Benz Actros truck ferries Volvo and MAN trucks staff to help them understand the new Actros (Photos and Video)

Earlier this week, in an attempt to allow their competitors to get a decent look into the new Actros truck, Mercedes Benz in cooperation with Jung von Matt, devised a special test drive. Jung von Matt is one of the leading agencies for Daimler AG, the makers of Mercedes Benz and the second largest truck manufacturer in the world today.

Mercedes Benz new Actros truck has received a lot of criticism from competitors since its launch. So the basic idea was to get their competitors know what the new Actros truck is all about. In order to get their competitors understand the new Actros, Mercedes Benz would have to make them travel in one of them. But why would a competitor travel in vehicle built by their main rival? So Mercedes Benz and Jung von Matt devised a plan.

According to this plan Actros trucks were converted into taxi’s and stationed near the headquarters of Volvo and Man Trucks. This way, staff from Volvo and Man Trucks were given an opportunity to understand the new Actros first hand. The driver of Actros taxi even explained finer details about the new Mercedes Benz truck to his passengers.

On reaching destination, the driver gave his passenger a booklet which had Actros details and photos. This new idea worked perfectly for Mercedes Benz and Jung von Matt, as they achieved what they had aimed for. Not only Volvo and Man Trucks staff, who traveled in Actros were impressed, but people in Munich, who were witnessing a Mercedes Benz truck as a taxi, were also impressed.