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Mercedes Benz assistance system to prevent phantom drivers/ Geisterfahrer


Mercedes Benz assistance system to prevent phantom drivers/Geisterfahrer/wrong way drivers provides 3 beeps and a visual signage if one strays onto the wrong side of traffic.

Mercedes Benz assistance systemIn a step to prevent accidents arising due to drivers embarking on their journey on the wrong way, Mercedes Benz has developed a novel system which aims to curb such incidents by displaying prominent visual and audio aids. There are many accidents which have been reported on highways due to wrong-way drivers in Germany. About 25 people have lost their lives due to such incidents involving these phantom drivers.

To help people avoid straying onto on coming traffic paths and thereby safeguard their lives, the system designed by Mercedes Benz provides three beeps and a visual signage if one strays onto the wrong side of traffic. The system is comprised of a camera mounted on the windshield which is capable of identifying no entry signs and prohibitory signs on highways as also carriageways. Once identified details are processed by an on-board electronic computer unit which alerts the driver of impending danger.

This system is also capable of distinguishing speed limit signs and no overtaking signs put up on road networks thereby making it safe for drivers to commute without accidents. In case of adverse climatic conditions where visibility isn’t optimal, the system displays a ‘temporarily unavailable’ notification. The system developed for roadways in Germany will be available in newly launched S-Class and face lifted C-Class models. Mercedes is developing this package for use in other countries as well.



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