Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi sales insight to Indian luxury car market for June 2011

Mercedes Benz, as we have come to expect has been growing in terms of touch points in order to cater to the growing luxury car demand in India. The company registered 565 car sales for June 2011. Steady on product launches, here’s a luxury segment biggie that never goes out of mind’s eye. Sales for June 2011 sees the Mercedes flagship E-Class register 47% growth at 231 units (June 2010: 157). C-Class segment sales grew by 14% at 196 units (June 2010: 172 units). The very exciting Mercedes Benz SUV portfolio that comprises of the ML-Class and GL-Class marched ahead by recording combined sales of 80 units in June 2011 (June 2010: 21 units). Combined sales figures for the first half of June 2011 sees Mercedes record 58% growth. Last three years sales for Mercedes Benz in India stand at January – June 2009: 1342 units, January – June 2010: 2402 units, and January – June 2011: 3,798 units.

BMW India surges forward, not just with their Joy is BMW campaign but in terms or record breaking sales. The company registered 890 car sales for June 2011. Sales for June 2011 sees the company clock a personal best having sold 403 BMW X1’s. Other figures are sealed at 163 units of the 3 Series, 246 units of the 5 Series, 3 of the 6 Series, and 30 of the 7 Series. Sales for the Gran Turismo stand at 9 units.  2 units of the X3 were sold, while the X5, X6, and Z4 saw a sale of 17, 14, and 3 units respectively. Sales figures for the last 3 years for BMW India stand at January – June 2009: 1747 units, January – June 2010: 2183 units, and January – June 2011: 4,524 units.

Audi India has reported 75.11% growth in sales for June 2011 and has registered 408 car sales for June 2011 as compared to 233 units for June 2010. The last 3 years sales for Audi India stand at January – June 2009: 821 units, January – June 2010: 1400 units, and January – June 2011: 2802 units. At present, Audi India is placed third in the luxury car segment, and boasts of a strong portfolio that comprises of the R8 and R8 Spyder, Q5, Q7, A7 Sportback, RS5, and A4, A6, A8 variants. Audi India sold 3003 cars in 2010, and has a target of 5000 car sales for 2011.

With the three leading luxury car manufacturers having set sales targets at 10,000 units for MBIL, 10,000 units for BMW India,  and  5000 units for Audi India, their current standing sees only Audi India cross the halfway mark. A lot is yet to be defined with the festive season to be tapped into, departure of monsoon, inflationary trends, and of course introduction of new variants. Car sales tend be tentative despite the best preparations, and we still have 6 months to go.