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Mercedes Benz cars and tailored range of products

Sophisticated, stylish and contemporary are three main factors one is treated to when looking at a Mercedes Benz vehicle. This being true it’s not surprising to see that Mercedes Benz did very well in 2012 as a the portfolio for this company includes innovative and remarkable developments where safety is always the main criteria.

Collection of genuine products from Mercedes Benz upholds the ‘Nothing but the Best’ ideology  and boasts of communication aids, navigation devices, and car accessories, sound systems as also it’s very own furniture line, eyewear collection and leather and luggage collection. Developments like InCar HotSpot, Drive Kit for iPhone, Wireless in-car phone integration coupled with relevant graphics and design are some factors which have enabled Mercedes Benz to relate to youth of today. Mercedes Benz Genuine product range covers everything from Cargo, Exterior, interiors and telematics. Tailor made products are available for customers who would like to enhance and personalize their cars.

Christian Boucke, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH had this to say, “Our regularly updated product range is selected based on strict criteria and is a non-stop source of innovations.” “Our close proximity to the vehicles and supreme standards of quality, safety and design ensure that the products fit in with our customers’ lifestyles.”

He added, “By transferring the Mercedes-Benz brand values of fascination, perfection and responsibility to our accessory and Collection products, we seek to amaze our customers in a way that lasts. We want to make the Mercedes-Benz, smart and AMG brands an experience that extends beyond the vehicle and thereby complete the brand world for our customers. What’s more, our licensed products transport the brands into other spheres of life and lifestyle areas while reinforcing them with selected exclusive collaborations.”

Mercedes Benz product range is constantly updated and focus is paid to quality, safety and design so as to provide customers with superior goods. Mercedes Benz Collection includes items for men, women and kids. These items are a must have for Mercedes, AMG and trucker enthusiasts alike as they boasts of superior quality and detail. Smart collection from this brand includes fan merchandise and fashion wear as also cool lifestyle products for electromobility enthusiasts.


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